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February 6, 2022

Flash poll posted at 10:06 a.m. Poll closed at 3:13 p.m.

  • Tye Said:

    Depends on options:
    If Bucs gets Rogers.. No!… but he’s too expensive..
    Wilson… No! but too expensive…
    Carr… NO!… But the Raiders are not giving up…

    Some of these other guys floated their, whoever wins qb comp..

    Trask or Winston – TRASK… Already proven that Winston can’t do it…
    Trask or Watson – TRASK…no need for another quitter like Antonio Brown…

  • ToesOnTheLine!!! Said:

    Admittedly, it was the last pick of the round, but the Bucs used a 2nd round pick on Trask. Teams that select a player who sees him early as someone they’re considering will be a starter and not just a substitute. Trask could definitely burn out and end up as a backup QB, because every player is a crap shooter (as the Bucs know all too well with their last Round 1 #1 QB pick who played for the Saints at good market the last two seasons) . The only way to know if Kyle can be a franchise QB is if the youngster has an opportunity on the field. That said, if Licht can catch lightning in a bottle with someone like Rogers again, he should. Personally, I don’t see this scenario happening (a lot of money and would require giving up a lot of interim capital over the next two years). The rest of the realistic QBs are IMO proven career substitutes and/or just good enough to take a team to a near .500 record.

  • SOEBuc Said:

    I hope. Often it’s about more than retaining great players, but money is the real big deal.

  • August 1976 Buc Said:

    Trask can wait at least another year.

    GO BUC!!!!!!

  • Craig Said:

    The Bucs need just about every penny they have to field an entire team, that is, without possibly wasting money and draft picks, on a QB.

    Trask took half a team to the Sugar Bowl and nearly beat Bama. He should be able to win the division against inferior teams. That will only happen if the Bucs put the rest of the team first, to improve an aging defense and provide depth to the O line.

    It’s this lack of O-line depth that has been our downfall this season. The only person we had to substitute for an injury was someone with a less serious injury.

  • #1bucsfan Said:

    I want the trask to start, but we need a backup plan or bring in a Russ Wilson or a Rodgers for another year and let the trask sit if he’s not ready. Give trask the opp. But everyone needs competition, no one should be awarded a starting spot. Everything must be earned. One thing I’ve heard about trask is how he prepares for games. If that’s true and he already has that prep mentality, I bet sitting behind Brady only made him better. Deff curious to see trask play.

  • mike johnson Said:

    Ok people sing it..The lost days are back…..sung to the tune of happy dayz….

  • Drebucsfan Said:

    Why is no one talking about L DAVID’s good friend, Teddy Bridgewater? He would go very well in the locker room, good teammate, leader of men and above all does not knock the ball over, nice and effective arm! we will definitely have to rely on a great defense to win the game but hey i like TEDDY B over jimmy G / Kyle trash any

  • Tbbucs3 Said:

    beep no

  • Swampbuc Said:

    38.77% of respondents are brain dead morons.

  • Tye Said:

    @Drebucsfan – Has Teddy ever played a full season…he’s the poster child for injury prone people…. Bring him on, win a few games, get injured in week 4 or 5 and may miss 2 games or the rest of the season and that would make him a really bad investment…

  • Oxydomomas Said:

    Trask wasn’t even the backup. People are anticipating a big leap in traffic development in the offseason. The bucs gotta get ready like it ain’t

  • Alvin Harper Scissors Said:

    I have no idea what Trask will bring to the table, but it’s time to find out if he has the “it” factor or the “s*it” factor.

  • Mike C. Said:

    Swampbuc……easy, glass houses and rocks or something.

  • crazybucs_CL Said:

    funny, poll shows even among Bucs fans, Bucs comes second..😂😂
    FU vs FSU is what comes first……
    we heard this song with JW, how awesome he was, “America’s QB”…and all.
    Trask will be fine, decent QB and maybe more…. he has to start one day so we know what he can do… why not this year?? As if we had something better!!!
    I voted YES

  • New England Patriots fan Said:

    The league is so open now for Tampa with a Jimmy G/Teddy/Cousins ​​in an NFC without Rodgers, Brees or Brady. Tampa is guaranteed an NFC South title, unless Carolina or the Saints can get Wilson/Watson/Rodgers. QB quality is the NFC is so low that Stafford and Dak are now considered top 5 QBs. The league is wide open now, any franchise can win with Brady, Ben, Brees, Luck and the Mannings all retired. Even Trask might be able to earn an NFC south at this point.

  • Pollock in Canada Said:

    Trask is good and he can make all the throws. Go back and watch his 2020 highlights. He’s a legit talent. Have to see what he can do with the Bucs 1 in attack.

  • Mike C. Said:

    Pat’s site is the other way around my brother

  • Rod Munch Said:


    The only reason you want Trask to be the starter is if you want the Bucs to tank for the first pick. If you really think Trask will be a good starter at this point and the Bucs will win with him, you’re literally an idiot. He was the No. 4 QB on the team last offseason, yes, he was behind Griffin, who they kept on the practice squad. If they had any faith in him, they would have used that Griffin stain on someone else.

    There’s a chance that down the road, Trask will be fine – but now is not the time. The guy has to learn how to throw an NFL pass first, and we saw in preseason when he tried to throw with speed what happened to his accuracy. He has to pass this part before you’ll consider playing him, unless you’re playing for the first pick in 2023.

    All Gators fanboys should keep one name in mind, Danny Wuerffel. That’s who Trask was in college, and Wuerffel couldn’t do anything in the NFL because those soft throws in college don’t work at the NFL level. Trask has the ability to improve, so I’m not saying he’s a bust without ever seeing it, but he won’t be ready at this point.

  • Buccaneer Bonzai Said:

    Rod Munch says
    “The only reason you want Trask to start is if you want the Bucs to tank for the first pick.”

  • Buccaneer Bonzai Said:

    Rod Munch says
    “The only reason you want Trask to start is if you want the Bucs to tank for the first pick.”

    I must say that I agree 100%.

    The university is nowhere near professional football, and Trask has done absolutely nothing to earn a starting role. Anyone who insists on throwing it can only hope to be the first choice.

    But they don’t think. This team is full of fighters. They’re not just going to tank. They will win a few games and the first pick they get will be in the middle of the first round or later.

    And quite frankly… only quitters tank or want to tank.

  • Pollock in Canada Said:

    Brady was also the No. 4 QB his freshman year.

  • Anonymous Said:

    Absolutely not. This means that we have given up on the season. He couldn’t even beat Griffin last year. Nobody goes from QB4 to QB1, especially in the BA attack. We always go with whoever is behind door number 2

  • Rod Munch Said:

    I look anti-Trask, but I’m not, I’m just anti-Trask right now. He didn’t look good last pre-season and every report I’ve heard about him says he just didn’t do anything.

    If he starts, which I think is incredibly unlikely, and ends up being good, then fantastic, we have a QB from the future and people can call me an idiot for not putting all my hopes in a 2nd QB year who spent his rookie year as #4 on the depth chart.

    Oh, to be clear, I’d happily take Tanking w/ Trask up a steep like Bridgewater. I would rather go 3-14, clear the cap and be ready to compete in 2023 than go 7-10 hitting the cap on the road a year without having any legitimate chance to compete.

  • Rod Munch Said:

    Colin in Canada says:
    February 6, 2022 at 11:14 p.m.
    Brady was also the No. 4 QB his freshman year.


    Tom Tupa was the No. 4 QB for the Bucs in 2002.

    100% of his passes were INT returned for a TD.

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