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Someone has been broken into and vandalized Episcopal Church of St. John the Baptist to the admiral on Friday evening. We learned about it late Friday after the priest in charge of the church, the Reverend. Elise johnstone, conveyed a message she sent to her congregation. From this message:

… Shortly before 5:00 pm, an individual broke into our library in the office / education wing of the building, then started 3 small fires in the library. Providentially, a pedestrian walking on California Avenue heard the broken glass and called 911. Police and firefighters came, but the individual had already fled the property by the time police and firefighters arrived. . Although we suffered damage, the situation could have been much worse. A large window in the library will need to be replaced, but a damage assessment company is on their way to SJB tonight to secure the window. The fires damaged 3 places in the library carpet and with one of the fires unfortunately the individual lit a wooden cross and a Bible dictionary.

There is glass all over the library floor, so for now, until an industrial cleaner can come, we’ll keep the library closed.

The Seattle Police and Fire personnel were very helpful, kind, and thorough. This incident is currently under investigation and we will continue to communicate with the appropriate people at SPD. …

We do not yet have the police report number, but will add it when it becomes available.

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