West Seattle Blog… | DEVELOPMENT: mixed-use building with more than 200 apartments for South Delridge


(Photos from the King County Assessor’s Office)

New on City Records: The largest redevelopment proposal yet for South Delridge. Last May we mentioned an early filing for 1704 SW Roxbury; the new record shows that the county’s planned apartments have now quintupled to over 200. This corner plot, which currently houses Auto repair Meineke, and the vacant building to the north have been purchased in recent months by an entity in which records show South Delridge’s busiest current developer – Craig haveson of STS construction (WSB sponsor) – is a partner.

The site plan included in the new dossier indicates that a 4-storey building with a “retail on the ground floor” is planned, although the site is zoned up to 55, and 6 floors are mentioned on the website of Housing Diversity Society, whose CEO Bradley Padden is Haveson’s partner in this project. This website describes the residential component of the project as a “development of 214 units, 171 affordable market units and 43 rental limited units under the Seattle Multi-Family Tax Relief Program.” (No mention of whether off-street parking will be part of the project.) The architectural firm is Drôme workshop, whose site plan document shows two more plots to the north will be part of the project, although they have not yet been registered as belonging to the same owner (Seattle Bible Church is the registered owner of these plots).

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