Victoria Council approves 11-story Telus Ocean project

The Telus Ocean project was finally approved 6-3 by the board of Victoria. Creating up to 2,000 new jobs, the building will be constructed at 767 Douglas Street with a mix of office and community space (via Check the news).

According to Lisa Helps, the mayor of Victoria, the project will be built with the environment in mind. “It is a zero carbon building, it is built according to step 3 of the Step Code, therefore the highest energy performance,” noted Helps.

Helps added that some nearby residents opposed the project, saying it was too big and too dense and competed with some of the heritage buildings nearby. “This will be the most sustainable office building in British Columbia,” she said.

“A lot of the opposition was that it didn’t fit into the heritage area, and I think the answer to that is that the Victoria of the past has to work with the Victoria of the future,” Helps said. “There are compromises. It’s a big building on a small site, but for me it really turns Victoria to face the 22nd century in a really interesting way and it does almost everything Victoria 3.0 sets out to do.

Developer Aryze says the goal is for the project to be Victoria’s new business and innovation hub.

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