Tribute to Darrell Beveridge, founder of Cook Suck


Darrell lived what he preached. When Darrell’s jerky company, The Darling Jerky Co., was targeted by anti-halal protesters, he refused to back down and pander to bigotry, and instead chose to back down. He said to me, “I’m sick of anti-Muslim sentiment in Australia on the pretext of being Australian.

Darrell created what is arguably the most well-known food blog in the country completely anonymously. He hated ego and pretentiousness more than anything else: his favorite pubs were the oldest and emptiest, his favorite eating places were eating places most food critics would never deign to set foot in. His humility was his strength, and it enabled him to develop the most extensive and varied food knowledge of anyone I have ever met. I could have listened to him talk lyrically about food forever.

Darrell was one of a kind, in ways I can never quite explain. His zest for life and all his pleasures weren’t just for his own satisfaction, it was because he wanted to help everyone around him feel pure joy.

Musician Nathan Roche told me best: “[Darrell and I] talked a bit about how Shane Warne [after he died] transcended what it meant to be a public figure; he has become a kind of saint. I can confirm that Darrell Beveridge was also something of a sacred figure – he enriched the lives of those who met him and taught them how to live and be joyful.


By loving Cook Suck, we agree to challenge and demand better institutionalized and societal norms that we have to live by. By loving Darrell, we agree to savor each day as best we can, and to bring joy to others as well as to ourselves.

When he died, Darrell left a euphoric imprint on the world to remind us that the thirst for life is possible and accessible. To honor the effervescent legacy of Darrell Beveridge, and indeed, Cook Suck, let us remember to never knock up, to question everything, to love with reckless abandon, and to always say yes to another pint. .

Chloe Sargeant is a Sydney-based writer and podcaster. She was once in a relationship with Darrell Beveridge.

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