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Social (Kamrin D.) – Sugar Monk (Biz Owner) – False Idol (Shelby E.) – Broken Cage (Alexis L.)

The pursuit of illicit pastimes inspires the appeal of secluded bars often disguised as storefronts or behind secret doors. Thrill seekers appreciate having the opportunity to fly under the radar while enjoying a specialty cocktail at a local speakeasy. And what makes a cocktail party more fulfilling than the pleasure of finding a discreet place or having to provide a secret code to enter. We’ve compiled a data-driven list of the best speakeasies in the United States that are sure to excite, not scare this Halloween season.

1. Social (Fort Collins, Colorado)

2. Swizzle Rum Bar & Drinkery (Miami Beach, Florida)

3. Madrina’s (Gainesville, Florida)

4. Here and There (Austin, Texas)

5. The Mob Museum Subway (Las Vegas, Nevada)

6. Speakeasy Community (South Lake Tahoe, CA)

7. The Blind Rabbit (Anaheim, CA)

8. Sugar Monk (Harlem, NY)

9. The Detention Library (Fresno, CA)

10. Unknown Caller (Chattanooga, Tennessee)

Community Speakeasy – South Lake Tahoe, CA (Photo by – Rachael G on Yelp)

11. The Laundry Room (Las Vegas, Nevada)

12. Thompson & Twain Prospecting Co (Temecula, CA)

13. The Infamous (Long Island City, New York)

14. WC Harlan (Baltimore, Maryland)

15. Bitter and Pour (Rochester, Minnesota)

16. Needle and Thread (Providence, Rhode Island)

17. Kaitei (Omaha, Nebraska)

18. Wiseguy Lounge (Indianapolis, Indiana)

19. Bible Club (Portland, Oregon)

20. Wicked Rabbit (Omaha, Nebraska)

21. Fake Idol (San Diego, CA)

22. Red Phone Booth (Nashville, Tennessee)

23. Speakeasy of Quintana (Cleveland Heights, Ohio)

24. Apothecary of Ye (New York, New York)

25. Sidebar (Edinburgh, Texas)

26. Belltree Speakeasy (Carrboro, NC)

27. Shanghai (Milwaukee, Wis.)

28. J. Bespoke (New York, New York)

29. The Attic Oyster and Cocktail Bar (Flushing, New York)

30. Pika Provisions (Leavenworth, Washington)

False Idol – San Diego, CA (Photo by An H. on Yelp)

31. Williams and Graham (Denver, Colo.)

32. Jackalope Bar (Los Angeles, CA)

33. Brooklyn’s on Boulder St. (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

34. Ghost Donkey (Las Vegas, Nevada)

35. Eleven Twenty-Two (Paso Robles, CA)

36. Room 56 (San Diego, CA)

37. Shattered Cage (Orlando, Florida)

38. Ciro’s (Tampa, Florida)

39. Sunset and Vinyl (Hollywood, CA)

40. 205 sec (Binghamton, New York)

Eleven Twenty-Two – Paso Robles, Calif. (Photo by Eleven Twenty-Two)

41. Congress Street Up (Savannah, Georgia)

42. Gin & Reel (Phoenix, Arizona)

43. The Hidden Pearl (Brooklyn, New York)

44. Hell or High Tide (Louisville, Kentucky)

45. Social Lab (Santa Barbara, CA)

46. ​​Peter Kern Library (Knoxville, Tennessee)

47. Segreto (Omaha, Nebraska)

48. Watts & Ward (Raleigh, North Carolina)

49. The Subway (Clackamas, Oregon)

50. RD Speakeasy (San Antonio, TX)

Gin & Reel – Phoenix, Arizona (Photo by Yelp Elite Bryan S.)

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