Top 10 Hidden Secrets of the Wonders of the Seas


If you’ve booked a cruise on Wonder of the Seas, there are a few hidden secrets you should know before you go.

As the world’s largest cruise ship and fifth Oasis-class ship, Wonder of the Seas offers a wide variety of dining, entertainment and relaxation choices. Exploring the whole ship can seem overwhelming, and it’s easy to overlook unique features, dining options, and areas to relax on board.

After surveying the ship for the past few days, I share the 10 hidden secrets you need to know before your cruise on Wonder of the Seas.

Astronauts on board

Wonder of the Seas, like all Royal Caribbean ships, has an elaborate and diverse art collection. From a gigantic purple dragon spanning ten decks in the ship’s atrium to artwork in every stairwell onboard, there’s no shortage of inspiring artwork to discover.

One of the more unique art features is a set of three astronauts scattered throughout the ship. One can be found in Central Park looking through the glass in the Royal Promenade below. Another is on the boardwalk, hanging from the climbing wall. The third astronaut is located in the seating area of ​​the movie screen on the pool deck.

Finding the astronauts can be a fun way to explore the ship for guests of all ages, and they’re also a great photo opportunity.

Late Night Bites at the Mason Jar

If you’re looking to try Royal Caribbean’s new specialty restaurant, you can sample some menu items on a late-night menu.

Late night menu prices range from $3 to $9 and include crab cakes, fried green tomatoes, and the crispy chicken sandwich. The menu is available every day from 9 p.m.

This can be a great option for those who want to try a few items from The Mason Jar, or for those who can’t dine out for brunch or dinner. As The Mason Jar is in high demand as the newest restaurant in the fleet, reservations can fill up quickly.

Late night bites at the Mason Jar are included in Royal Caribbean’s dining packages.

Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen menu items at Giovanni’s Wine Bar

Similar to The Mason Jar, you can order menu items from Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen at the wine bar next door. The kitchen is open from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. or 11 p.m. every day.

The dishes on the menu include four types of pizzas as well as appetizers like fried lasagna, calamari and Italian stromboli. Two popular desserts, Go Bananas and Mamma’s Tiramisu, are also available.

Unlike The Mason Jar, ordering food at the wine bar is not included in the meal plan, and menu prices range from $3 to $12.

Virtual balcony in the Diamond Lounge

The Diamond Lounge on Wonder of the Seas is located in the Entertainment Place area on Deck 4. Because the space has no windows, Royal Caribbean has added two virtual balconies. This helps give people in the living room an idea of ​​the weather outside without having to leave the living room, and it also provides a nice view.

USB sockets in the bars

Some bars and lounges on board have USB charging sockets and hooks for bags or purses, including Playmakers, Schooner Bar, The Mason Jar and Giovanni’s Wine Bar.

Having USB outlets available in common areas on board is ideal for those who need to charge devices or use a laptop. Additionally, the hooks are useful for customers who want a secure place to store their purse or jacket while at a bar.

Quiet seats on deck 17

On the other Oasis-class ships, the outdoor space on deck 17 was reserved for the Suite Deck. Since Wonder of the Seas has a separate suite area, this space is now open to all guests.

Comfy lounge chairs and pool chairs are available here, and the area tends to be a lot less crowded than other areas on the pool deck. Although this area is prone to high winds, it’s a nice place to relax while soaking up the sun and ocean views.

To access this area, go all the way forward on deck 16 (the upper pool deck) and up the stairs.

Seating and play area on the athletics track

Located on either side of the race track is an outdoor area to sit and play with excellent ocean views.

One side of the ship has a few tables and chairs, a shuffleboard, and a ping pong table. The other just has seating areas. Few guests know this area, so it’s rarely crowded here, and it’s a quiet place to enjoy the ocean view without the crowds.

To access these areas, head to the race track on Deck 5 and walk forward. Depending on the side of the ship, the seating area will be on the right or left.

Solarium deck wings

In Wonder of the Seas’ Solarium are two deck wings that span the edge of the ship. These can be a nice place to watch sail or admire a sunset at sea.

Unlike other outdoor deck spaces on board, the Solarium Deck Wings are generally not very crowded. To access the wings of the bridge, go all the way forward from the solarium.

Less crowded seating at the Windjammer

Unlike other Oasis-class ships where the Windjammer is quite small, Wonder of the Seas’ Windjammer is the largest in the fleet. It wraps around the Boardwalk area on Deck 15, offering views of the ocean and boardwalk below.

There are main seating areas at the Windjammer on either side, which can get crowded during peak hours.

If you walk to the back of the Windjammer you will find a smaller seating area which tends to be a lot less crowded.

There is also a separate entrance for the Windjammer accessible near the lower Wonder Playscape area on Deck 15.

Private Teen Deck

Teens aged 13 to 17 on board have access to Social 100, an outdoor terrace just for teens. Located on Deck 17 next to the waterslides, Social 100 features a private hot tub, non-alcoholic bar, selfie area, games, and comfy seating.

It’s a fantastic place for teenagers to hang out and relax with new friends at sea.

In addition to the outdoor sundeck, teens also have access to the indoor Social 100 area located on Deck 16. The indoor space includes a play area, comfy seating, a vending machine, books and baby tables. football.

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