Thursday Blog: Start warming up a bit and look at a bigger system next week -Doug


Thursday Blog: Start warming up a bit and look at a bigger system next week -Doug

Hope everyone had a great Wednesday! I’m so excited for the AFC Championship game this weekend I wish it came here lol. After a few showers and light snow showers, Thursday looks to be decent. Still a lot of clouds, but we will warm up a bit.

We have a cold front which will pass later in the day so it will cool us down tonight.

Thursday evening

So much cooler on Friday but not bad. Besides, it’s Friday.


We jump into the 50s over the weekend. The weekend promises to be fantastic for the end of January. Our next system arrives on Tuesday. This is a stronger system and fits the Heady pattern, specifically there are two cycles at the end of September. So I’m interested to see how it plays out over the next 5-6 days. But rain showers and possibly thunderstorms increase on Tuesday.


As the colder air works on Tuesday evening and Wednesday, we have the POSSIBILITY of wintry weather. Still far.


I would like some snow, so I hope it goes together. Your long term forecast is below.


Next Thursday – Saturday: Cold the rest of the week. We have to watch for the chance of snow on Thursday as the back wave passes.

February 6-12: Chance of rain and/or snow Sunday and Monday. Midweek warming with a chance of rain on Thursday. As colder air arrives on Friday, we could have a rain-snow mix. Getting warm on weekends with a chance of rain.

February 13-19: A cold start to the week with mild temperatures and the risk of rain returning by Tuesday. Remaining mild with possible thunderstorms on Thursday, then much colder with a chance of rain and snow on Friday and Saturday.

February 20-26: The first half of the week cold but mild temperatures the second half of the week. Slight chance of rain Thursday and Friday.

February 27-March 5: A mild start on Sunday and Monday, then cool the rest of the week. Chance of rain on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Best odds Wednesday and Friday.

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