Three and Out: Texans-Titans predictions


The Jeff Driskel, Tight End, Era starts Sunday. Where will you be? Will you be a witness ??

After an intense week of thought and evaluation, the Texans’ new look will arrive on Sunday with hot weapons with CB Lonnie Johnson and TE Jeff Driskel set to kick off Houston’s massive turnaround in 2021. This, along with the awareness of the big brain that penalties, turnovers, penalties, penalties, turnovers and turnover penalties, as well as penalty turnovers, are the root cause of Houston’s problems (sitcom laugh track) should revive the Texans’ race to relevance.

So let’s see how the BRB staff sees phase 1 of this team’s return to greatness unfolding:

Matt Weston: Titans 31, Texans 13.

The Titans of Tennessee bizarre brand of football has infected the rest of the NFL. Weird penalties, special team anomalies, ball race, game action, awesome turnovers and red zone witchcraft. Terrible things happen when the Titans have the best record in the NFL. Matthew Stafford can no longer throw the ball into the field. Derrick Henry’s foot is broken. Kliff Kingsbury directs a competent offense. Lamar Jackson leads the best bad team. Everything is a mess, and there is only one team to blame.

The Titans will continue to be trucking this weekend. D’Onta Foreman is their best running back and he can get his revenge this weekend. Ryan Tannehill’s action passes are better than anything Houston can handle, especially now that they’re trying to play cover for the men but can’t blitz and have no answer for AJ Brown. If the Texans play Cover Three, the midfield will be wide open. Tennessee’s forward four-pass rush is something Houston’s ever-changing offensive line can’t hang onto. Kristian Fulton is back to take care of Brandin Cooks. Kevin Byard jumps on mistakes made by quarterbacks in the face of the pass rush.

The Texans are sort of going to win this week. Randy Bullock, David Quesseneberry, Kendall Lamm, Mike Vrabel, Ben Jones and Foreman have found better homes and dumber pastures. From the rubble of Houston, the Titans thrive.

bfMFd: Texans 57, Titans 0 teeth.

Look, I don’t care. If you think I’ll ever pick Methoptamia’s Baby-Eating Sister F__kers to do something right, you haven’t been paying attention all these years.

Kitten the BE-SF.

l4blitzer: Titans 31, Texans 7.

It’s an interesting stretch for the Titans. As they lead a league-best six-game winning streak, they face the prospect of playing games without two of their most dangerous weapons. Derrick Henry is out for the foreseeable future and their key offensive offseason acquisition Julio Jones is out for at least the next three weeks. For Tennessee, their defense has played at unexpectedly high levels, and it’s unclear if that can continue for the season and especially the playoffs. During this recent streak, the Titans haven’t feasted on NFL cupcakes, taking down Buffalo, Kansas City and the LA Rams, in addition to completing a divisional sweep against Indianapolis. Yet without Henry and questions about the durability of play of this defense, as well as other teams like Buffalo, Kansas City and Baltimore still on the hunt, it’s fair to wonder if the Titans can still maintain their dominance in the game. within the AFC and remain a real super bowl the competitor arrives in January.

However, the Titans shouldn’t worry too much about the rest of the regular season, if only for the sole reason that they reside in the AFC South. They currently have a three-game lead in the division and own the tiebreaker against the only legitimate threat to them, the Colts. While a fantastic derp of epic proportions is never out of the question, the Titans can do anything but start planning designs for their AFC Southern Championship T-shirts and thinking about probable playoffs. Getting the 2021 NFL equivalent of a “gimmie putt” by hosting the Texans this week shouldn’t do much to dispel that notion.

Perhaps Tyrod Taylor can shake off the sadness of the previous game against Miami, attributing it to the “first comeback after a long layoff” and regain some of the performance of the first six quarters of the season. At least the Texans won’t face Derrick Henry on Sunday, so there’s a good chance the Texans won’t give up more than 230 yards in this game… maybe.

But the Texans’ average final road score is 31-7 for the other guys. Until proven guilty, and if the Titans don’t suffer a massive disappointment, I have no faith in the Texans getting rid of them here. It will be a pleasant surprise if the team can display more than one number on the scoreboard, but until then the 2021 Texans’ average road performance (extremely well below) holds up.

Mike: Texans 25, Titans 24.

If Houston wants to screw up the proverbial selection dog by winning a game or two, it would only make sense for them to do so for the Not-The-Oilers, who are trying to show everyone that they are are the AFC class at present.

Of course, Tennessee will take place all over Houston. Of course, the Texans will look like the Three Stooges reincarnated as a professional football team. Of course, the Houston coaches will say they have to do a better job.

But in classic Adrian Peterson fashion, he’ll run over 150 meters and grope at the most inconvenient times. Tyrod Taylor will fall early with another injury and Davis Mills will step in and the Golden Rabbit’s Foot will find his way to some of the luckiest scoring games in franchise history.

Ultimately, Houston will take their second win of the year after the Titans come down the field to miss the winning basket when time runs out. The remaining 106 Texan fans will scream in approval.

Matt Robinson: Titans 28, Texans 13.

Welp, the kidnapping has surely started. We’re currently stuck in a divide between reality and a bizarre world where Mike Vrabel’s defense is his team’s identity. Weston was right. Somewhere in the middle of David Johnson forcing a missed tackle from Brennan Scarlett and Whitney Mercilus beaten Duane Brown for a sack, a tear in the fabric of that dimension occurred. No Derrick Henry, no Julio Jones, no problem. Harold Landry looks like everything the draftniks wanted him to be when seen as a borderline first-round prospect in 2018 NFL Draft. Kristian Fulton had an incredible second campaign in tandem with a resurgence year from Kevin Byard to stabilize this Titans’ defensive unit.

Even with a hodge-podge of a roster made up, I expect Tennessee to have little problem with the matchups Houston will present. No one on the Texans’ inside line is ready for what Jeffrey Simmons can provide in the pressure department. There is a chance that Nico Collins or Brandin Cooks could break free for a few yards, but I found myself thinking long and hard about how many points this team can rack up after the end of the season.

In the end, what I take away the most from doing this gameplay in conjunction with the embarrassing loss to Miami is that there is simply no excuse for this football team to perform so poorly. Just look at all those former Houston players scattered across teams that for the most part have become contributors and in cases like the Titans key cogs, for lasting success. On the Titans alone, they have three former Houston offensive linemen who, while not perfect, still keep Ryan Tannehill in position to win games.

Unanimously on social media as well as podcasts, fans of the Texans felt this new coaching staff was what, hopefully, would make the games watchable. Ten weeks later, it seems pretty clear that these staff are not geared towards training or developing young talent, one of the few bright spots being that Geron Christian Sr. hasn’t been the worst tackle choice. that we’ve seen in the last five to eight years, before Laremy Tunsil was basically bought on markup.

Regardless of the lack of depth for the Titans, I don’t see any Houston defenseman competing with AJ Brown. Houston’s best hope is for the defensive line to treat these Titans’ backup offensive linemen like backups in order to affect the games. Otherwise, Tennessee could end up with a quick lead and little urgency to score points as Houston flounders the turf offensively.

Chris: Titans 33, Texans 16.

The Texans are heading to Nashville with no clue what they’re doing after a week of “evaluating” doing the same things they’ve been saying all year, plus changing positions of two bad players.

Cool, Texans. I understand what you are doing. I don’t care either. Trash deductible. I love them and can’t wait for them to return to their place, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is perhaps the most mismanaged franchise of the big three professional sports.

Tim: Army of Darkness 38 by Bud Adams, Texans 6.

While I don’t buy the Titans as an AFC class, I also don’t buy double-digit points from the Texans. Because, you see, the Texans are horrible and there’s no hope that will change for at least the rest of the 2021 season.

We are all Giles Corey, and watching this disaster week after week is just our way of asking for another stone to be stacked on the heap.

Feel free to use the comments section to predict Sunday’s contest, and if you have any tips on how to take advantage of this prank, I’m all ears.

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