The Preston Cafe will host a thermal cooking bag demonstration and tasting event


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With the cost of gas and electricity expected to rise further this year, many of us are looking to reduce our fuel consumption. An organization in the Northwest has designed and manufactured thermal cooking bags, which can be used to reduce cooking time. The Larder, an organization set up in Preston to tackle food poverty, planned to sell and promote the bags. We wanted to know more.


“The thermal cooking bag is inspired by medieval cooking methods,” said Paula Gamester, Sewing Rooms Manager at Skelmersdale. “We use our ovens to cook casseroles for three or four hours without realizing that ovens are among the most energy-consuming appliances in our homes. Apart from our refrigerator, the oven is probably responsible for the highest energy consumption of all our kitchen appliances. »

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She continued: “A lot of us are feeling the pinch and having to make choices about where we can save money. Some of us have more difficult choices to make than others. Elderly people and food bank users, already in great difficulty, find that this latest increase in the cost of living is plunging them into fuel poverty and impossible living conditions. At Sewing Rooms, we wanted to be part of the solution.

“The cooler bag is based on medieval cooking methods and more recently on ‘Haybox Cooking’; a process that has been developed over the years and now we have produced our own modern, wearable and washable version. By choosing The Sew Fab Thermal Cooking Bag over your usual cooking method, you can reduce cooking fuel consumption by up to 70% per meal, saving you an average ton of CO2 emissions. carbon per year.

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Made from mostly reused materials, the cooking bags are kind to the planet on many levels.

The Larder in Lancaster Road will be holding an event to promote thermal cooking bags on Wednesday July 27 from 5-7pm.

During the event, there will be a full demonstration of how to use Paula’s thermal cooking bag, and an opportunity to sample different dishes that have been cooked using the bag. There will be bags available for purchase in the evening and for every two sales of The Larder one bag will be donated to a person/family in the local community who may be in need and would benefit from reduced fuel costs to cook. .

The Larder will run a project over the summer to provide families with bags, as well as a voucher to buy fresh fruits and vegetables and online cooking classes with instructions on how to use the bags.

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