The NFL is trying to erase Bucs history –


Hey Warren, do you think the NFL is trying to cancel us?

It’s downright sad and Joe is damn angry about it.

NFL Network, or more likely someone high in the food chain with the NFL (perhaps up to NFL strongman Roger Goodell), is trying to make NFL fans forget that the Bucs even have won the Super Bowl in January 2003.

If you’re like Joe, not a day goes by without watching NFL Network, even if it’s just for a few moments. (Joe doesn’t trust anyone who claims to be a football fan but doesn’t at least check the network at some point each day.) Joe is therefore convinced that fans have noticed that NFL Network is hosting an “America’s Game” marathon this weekend.

You know, America’s birthday weekend and “America’s Game?” Perfect fit, right? Well, not quite!

NFL Films and NFL Network launched the “America’s Game” series years ago. It’s a one-hour documentary chronicling the winning season of each Super Bowl champion. This weekend, every “America’s Game” episode aired in chronological order, from the 1966 Green Bay Packers to the 2020 Tampa Bay Bucs (the 2021 Los Angeles Rams episode has yet to air) .

Well, all but one. These are the 2002 Tampa Bay Bucs.

It’s true. The NFL claims this season never happened. And why is that? Because he has or tries to cancel the two big stars of this season and the episode “America’s Game”: Chucky and Warren Sapp.

It’s a slap in the face to Bucs fans followed by a spit in the eye.

You know the story by now: Chucky was reported by someone last year when emails he typed up – after leaving the Bucs and not being employed by the NFL – were leaked to the New York Times and the The Wall Street Journal. In the emails, Chucky had very vulgar, even ugly comments about groups of people.

Chucky was immediately fired by the Raiders and Team Glazer also felt that the second best coach in Bucs history and the most winning coach in Bucs history should be kicked out of Ring of Honor as a result. The Glazer team was the target of some of Chucky’s vile emails.

Joe didn’t like that decision then and still doesn’t. Joe doesn’t believe in erasing history. If something is unpleasant, use it as a teachable moment, don’t shoot an ostrich and pretend it never happened.

Frankly, Joe was waiting for this to happen. For example, good luck seeing Warren Sapp’s biography from the NFL Network and NFL Films-produced “Football Life” series airing again on the network. Sapp was once a talking head on NFL Network and he was fired from that gig after he was arrested for allegedly slapping a pair of businesswomen in Arizona.

Sapp’s feature on “Football Life” hasn’t appeared on NFL Network since.

The Bucs’ “America’s Game,” which featured Chucky, John Lynch and Sapp highlighting the season through observations and stories, is led by two guys the NFL wants you to believe never existed . The NFL therefore cancels Chucky and Sapp. Clearing the proud Bucs history in the process.

In Joe’s eyes, it’s a coward’s move at best. They could have just added something at the end of the episode explaining what Chucky and Sapp did and how they paid the price. Again, use this as a teaching moment. Don’t erase the proud history of the greatest achievement of an all too often terrible franchise.

Yeah, that NFL network was loose. Purge it from the hard drive. Never happened. What else would you expect from a whiny cheat and a flattering, spineless humanoid like Goodell?

Joe finds it interesting that the Bucs’ “America’s Game” episode from 2002 is now deemed too distasteful by NFL costumes, but it’s only fitting to point out the viscous New Orleans Saints’ “America’s Game” episode from 2009 It celebrated a team that featured a starting defensive back who is turn 20 in the hole after pleading guilty to being a serial rapist; defensive coordinator arrested for have a bounty on the heads of opponents; and a head coach cited in a lawsuit to be behind shady internal hijinks involving prescription painkillers.

Joe assumes all of the Saints’ slime antics are kosher in the eyes of the NFL. But God forbid you used politically incorrect language in a private email when you weren’t employed in the NFL or were accused of indiscretions with women after your playing career. The NFL cannot tolerate this! Therefore, you will be erased from the annals of the NFL.

(And don’t start Joe on the Belicheats.)

What a fucking crock!

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