The glory and courage of God for what lies ahead


When God calls me to something difficult, or to make a radical change in my life, I want clear indications that I really hear from him. I tell Him that, and I am not demanding and it does not come from a lack of faith. I trust his wisdom and guidance completely, but I don’t always trust my ability to hear and discern him. And so, I ask for assurances, at the same time deciding to obey however He leads me while asking for the strength to do so.

I don’t believe God is blaming me for this. He’s so sweet, so loving and caring, and he gives me what I need. In these uncertain times, he assures me of his grace and reminds me of his power and his plans. Sitting in his presence, surrounded and filled with him, enveloped in his love, all my questions tend to fade away. Inspired by his mission and the honor of being used by him, I find that I don’t need to know every step. I just need to know that he is with me and that he has it all figured out.

This is often how he prepares me – for the good, the bad, the difficult and the painful, that awaits me – not by reminding me of all that I can or want or could do, but rather who he is. . Almighty Sovereign Lord, All-loving and Omniscient.

Perhaps that is, at least in part, why he revealed himself in such a powerful way to his disciples in Matthew 17. Six days before, he had shared some really difficult and puzzling news: he would be rejected by the elite and eventually be killed, but then, after three days, He would rise from the dead. (Luke 9:22) And then he basically told them that if they wanted to follow him, they had to be prepared to suffer as well. (Luke 23).

Consider that this happened during what seemed to be the height of Jesus’ ministry. Large crowds followed him and he gained influence. And now He was telling His disciples He was going to die? It didn’t make sense! And it certainly wasn’t what they expected. They had left everything – their jobs, their way of life, and any dreams they might have had before – to follow Christ, probably envisioning something similar to the first century equivalent of Billy Graham’s revivals. No suffering, rejection and graves.

Can you imagine what must have gone through their heads? The questions, the confusion and probably the inner turmoil. I don’t know if they started to doubt Jesus, that he really was the long promised Messiah, but I think I could have. I might have even felt a bit cheated. We can answer like that, right? When ministry efforts are not going as we hope or what God has called us to do seems more difficult and less glamorous or overtly fruitful than we anticipated?

And that’s when He reminds us, as He did with the disciples, that He is so much greater than anything that we meet or do today.

As He did with the disciples. Scripture says: “2 There he was transfigured before them. Her face shone like the sun and her clothes turned white like the light. 3 At that time there appeared before them Moses and Elijah, speaking with Jesus. (Matthew 17: 2-3, NIV).

Through this awe-inspiring demonstration, I wonder if he intentionally strengthened the faith of Peter, James, and John (Matthew 17: 1-13). Is that why he allowed them to see his glory in a way that no other human, not even Moses, had? Why He confirmed, with such vivid and irrefutable clarity, that He was not itthe one that the prophets (Elijah) spoke of, the fulfillment of the law (Moses)?

By his transfiguration, Jesus made it clear, before His disciples saw him hanged on the cross, mocked by those who held power, that he was the Son of God, the Messiah.

He gave them powerful, unforgettable, supernatural proof.

As I said earlier, I believe he prepares us with love and also assures us. He answers our questions, strengthens our hearts, and ignites our passions so that we can follow him more boldly. Our calls? They won’t always be easy. Life on this side of Heaven seldom is. But we can hold on to the same promise that Christ made to his disciples, when he shone so brilliantly before them: his glory extends far beyond this gravely broken world, and one day we will be completely surrounded. of its light.

Woman looking at the horizon with a quote from John Ortberg.

In the meantime, like the disciples, we climb this mountain, this place where we can find ourselves alone with Him. Where we can sit in His presence and reflect on how vast and incomprehensible our Savior is. And we realize that no matter what happens or what we might face, He is and always will be enough. Big enough, strong enough, present enough and faithful enough to carry us through.

Let’s talk about it ! When was the last time you retired to sit in the presence of God to have a glimpse of who he fully is? How can taking the time to do this help strengthen you for whatever He calls you to do?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below as we can all learn from and encourage each other.

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