The Clinton Swing Through Humboldts, would have shot docuseries


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  • Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaking with supporters during a campaign rally at Arizona State University’s Intramural Fields in Tempe, Arizona.

Former US Secretary of State, Senator, Democratic presidential candidate and First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton spent time in Humboldt County over the weekend and even took a local food truck.

Humboldt County Sheriff William Honsal confirmed that Clinton had been in town for a few days and left on Sunday, saying his department had provided his US secret service with “some assistance.”

While plans initially called for a trip to Del Norte County where Clinton had “business with the Yurok Tribe,” Honsal said, they ended up taking care of it in Sue-Meg State Park, in. north of Trinidad.

Rumors of Clinton’s visit began to spread after his team placed a large order with South G. Kitchen, the food truck parked at Redwood Curtain Brewing Co. in Arcata. Danny Emmenecker, the owner of the truck, says he received an order for $ 600 from Left / Right TV December 11 to be picked up on December 13. When an assistant came by to collect the food, they said it was for Hillary Clinton who is in town with her daughter Chelsea filming a documentary.

The Clintons recently started a television company, HiddenLight Productions, and are reported working on a number of projects, having opted for several books. Among these is a docuserie Daring women, based on a book the pair wrote titled The Book of Courageous Women: Favorite Stories of Courage and Resilience.

Honsal says he knows the Clintons were in town filming some sort of documentary and believes it involved the Chief Justice of the Yurok Tribal Court Abby abinanti, which seems to fit the profile of Gutsy Women. The first Indigenous member of the California State Bar, Abinanti grew up on the Yurok Reservation and has served as the chief justice of the tribe since 2007, winning fame for his work in aligning the justice system with Indigenous values.

the Newspaper contacted the Yurok Tribe, Hidden Light Productions, Left / Right TV, and Hillary Clinton’s office for additional information about her visit, but received no immediate response.

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