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Not long ago I heard a sermon and the minister explained to me that when you are faced with tragedies, difficult times or obstacles in life, we often turn in different directions, but we must always “start with what you know”. We know from the Bible that there is nothing God cannot fix and if you believe you will be saved and go to heaven. Quite simple.

I started to think about this simple statement of faith and realized that it really extended to so much more than our spiritual life.

All my life I have been taught that I was blessed to live in a country that is under the protection of God and the protection of the Constitution. I’ve seen prayer removed from schools, people who want to “under God” removed from our commitment, states that have closed churches during the pandemic, people who want to shut down the second amendment, my president banned from social media and violation of the First Amendment and much more. But, if I start with what I know is wrong and we need God back in our schools, our lives and our government and our constitution upheld.

I was always raised to honor our military. In Afghanistan, American citizens were left behind, the military withdrew and did not bring our translators with them. The America I knew would never do what Biden did. I know our military history is not one of cowardice, but our current leadership is.

Our ancestors were deeply religious men who prayed and believed in God. Yet today women say it is their body and in the name of freedom we have the right to kill children through abortion. Our ancestors often hung the Ten Commandments on their state and federal buildings and the Ten Commandments declare, “Thou shalt not kill.” If we start from what we know, we know that killing is wrong and that our country was founded on these religious beliefs.

Some people believe that socialism and communism are good, but all my life I have been taught and seen what socialism ravages and what evil drives communism. If I start with what I know, I know that our form of government, as defined by our ancestors, is the best on the planet.

We learned about the civil war in school. These days there are delusional people who believe that by teaching CRT to our children, making them somehow feel responsible and less of a person because they are white, it will erase people’s sins who lived hundreds of years ago. If we start with what we know, we all know that you don’t uplift people by destroying others.

I remember hearing about poliomyelitis. People were scared and children were dying. Dr. Salk invented the vaccine and it worked. One dose and you were protected. Does anyone remember the Hong Kong flu in the 60s? Nobody lost their job because of it, nobody was shamed or threatened if someone in their family had the disease, they didn’t close the churches, the businesses didn’t close, the economy went on, people had to live. What we do know is that viruses come and go, we take the necessary precautions, you and your doctor find a solution, you choose what you want your kids to do, and you move on.

I think whether you are conservative or liberal, there are things you know to be true. What we see on some evening news is not truth or science or what we know, but lies they want you to believe. Maybe it’s time to stop being afraid, listen to what we know and take back our country.

Barbara Breazeale is a mother of four and grandmother of seven. She is Director of Advancement of Victoria House of Palms, PO Box 4886, Victoria Texas 77903.

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