Resolution: How to find a better work-life balance


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  • Nicole Coglianese of Citra Fitness & Movement says that sometimes it takes time to relax.

Welcome to the Riverside hours‘Five days of resolutions. Start living properly.

The pandemic has brought work home for many Saint Louis. For those who can no longer leave work in the office, the change has completely disrupted the work-life balance.

When Nicole Coglianese opened Citra Fitness & Movement ( in August 2020, she knew that finding a good work-life balance was going to be difficult. Not only was opening her business in the hell of 2020 complicated, she knew her yoga and Pilates store would need a lot of attention. She was ready to give it too, but she still doesn’t know where she ends and it begins.

“When I started running my own business, I became a part of the business and the business became a part of me,” Coglianese says. “It’s probably not healthy, but it’s become part of who I am – not just the way I look at myself, but the way other people look at me. So sometimes it’s easier to be ‘turned on’. all the time. But for me running a business is also a lot of fun, and it makes it easy to lose track of time. So it’s something that I work towards, spending time being me and time being there. ‘business.

Coglianese says she must have experienced burnout a few times before she made it a point to try and focus more on her personal time. To keep herself and her business in top shape, she has implemented a series of solutions that have enabled her to better manage her time and reduce her stress in general.

She now tries to respect herself by doing things that are only for her, like getting a massage. She also learns to release control by letting a friend plan an outing or letting other people take the reins and guide her through meditation. She also organizes parties to relax, order food, and hook up on the phone with friends. These are all small things, but they were things that she hadn’t allowed herself before because she was still working to grow the business. The weird part, however, is that stepping away from work in these little ways made Coglianese even better at work. His business is thriving and his mind is clear and forward-looking.

So if you want to do better in 2022 than in 2021, maybe try to take a step back from business. Also, take the time to engage your heart. Your whole body will thank you.

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