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OJ Howard in Buffalo

March 17, 2022

Faded away.

Joe has a hunch that OJ Howard won’t like fishing in March in Buffalo.

Howard, the Bucs’ former No.

For many Bucs fans, Howard’s name will always evoke what could have been. Howard, at least his NFL days with the Bucs, was all fashion and little substance. It flashed just enough to keep you excited and mouth watering, and then you waited another month for Howard to do a play.

The turning point for Howard was probably when he attempted to dribble behind Magic Johnson’s back for a layup with the football and turned what should have been a touchdown into an interception.

But yes, James.

Howard finally started playing as the No. 19 overall pick in his freshman year with Tom Brady, but in the fourth game of the year he blew his Achilles and he was never the same again. .

To this day, Joe receives angry text messages from Bucs fans who are still upset about the Bucs drafting Howard for running back Dalvin Cook. In that draft, the Bucs were beyond desperate for a running back and Cam Brate led the NFL in tight end touchdowns. Yet then-Bucs coach Dirk Koetter still wanted Howard, even though the tight end wasn’t needed at all. This turned out to be a wasted draft pick as Howard never developed and Cook became a dominant running back.

Just another example of how drafting the best player available is downright irresponsible.

Personally, the Cook/Howard debate is water under the bridge for Joe. The Bucs won a Super Bowl ahead of the Vikings. Scoreboard, Bucs.

Unfortunately, Howard’s most memorable game came in a Rays playoff game.

Howard was always cool with Joe and Joe wishes him luck in Buffalo. It was time for Howard and the Bucs to move on. Both sides tried to make it work. It just didn’t happen here.

No, Joe isn’t going to type a cheap “OJ/Buffalo” one-liner here.

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