NZ Politics Daily – December 31, 2021


Review 2021, 2022, Parliament
Chris Trotter (Bowalley Road): Ride on the revolutionary tiger of 2022
Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): TDB – Political Winners and Losers 2021
Henry Cooke (Tips): How did our political forecast for 2021 go? We strummed with a passing grade
John Bishop (Tips): Normal is a present that no one got for Christmas
Things: Auckland’s year in pictures: the best news photos of 2021 from visual journalists at Stuff
Tim McCready (Herald): The front pages of Herald’s 2021: vaccines, variants and victories
Things: Been out of politics: what Maureen Pugh is doing, reading and watching the summer vacation
Charlie Dreaver (RNZ): Meet the dogs of Pawliament

Omicron – community case, MIQ
Matthew Hooton (Herald): Cool and calm hipkins facing Omicron (paying)
1 News: ‘Take only one case’ – expert worries about Omicron spread
Lincoln Tan (Herald): New Zealand should be worried about the deal – but it will come anyway, expert says
Herald’s Editorial: A separate traffic light system for the border may be needed in 2022 (paying)
RNZ: Upbeat Baker DJ with Omicron was not contagious while socializing
John Hartevelt (Tips): How to judge the actions of Dimension, the first NZ Omicron case in the community
RNZ: Hipkins “very disappointed” DJ infected with Omicron did not follow the rules
Laura Walters (Tips): The non-respect of the rules of DJ Dimension is “disappointing”, according to the minister
Newshub: Chris Hipkins Message to DJ Dimension, New Zealand’s First Community Omicron Case
1 News: DJ Dimension’s close contacts could number 100 – Hipkins
Kate Green (Tips): A timeline of DJ Dimension’s movements after arriving in New Zealand
Lucy Xia and Bernadette Basagre (Stuff): DJ Dimension on New Zealand’s third border exemption since December 2020
Nadine Porter (Tips): Emergency department doctor says DJ who broke rules is “punched in the face”
Nadine Porter (Tips): Business owners and expats rant after DJ becomes Omicron community’s first case
Kurt Bayer (Herald): International DJs also forced to withdraw from festivals after being named DJ Dimension close contacts
Olivia Caldwell (Tips): DJ “angry” after losing Rhythm and Alps concert due to close contact
1 News: DJ Dimension denounces abusive messages on social networks
1 News: Omicron’s three roommates in Waiheke are negative
RNZ: All symptomatic Hidden Lakes Festival attendees requested to be tested
Miriam Burrell (Herald): Second Omicron case in community as Auckland goes orange, Waiheke Island on edge after visits from infected DJs
1 News: An Air NZ crew member with Omicron was in the community
Mina Kerr-Lazenby (Tips): Confirmation of the second case of Omicron in the community
RNZ: Covid-19 envelopment: urgent search for close contacts of the DJ, second Omicron case in the community

Outbreak of the delta, government management of the Covid
Alexa Cook (Newshub): Calls for rapid COVID testing criteria to be dropped so everyone can get tested
Maori TV: Maori 85.7% of deaths due to Covid-19 in December
Lincoln Tan (Herald): Opposition wants urgent action on recalls, children’s vaccines and rapid tests
Mark Quinlivan (Newshub): A breakdown of the end of New Zealand’s once successful elimination strategy, conceding defeat to the Delta variant
RNZ: Covid-19: Iwi-led healthcare provider calls for vigilance as number of cases rises
Chloé Blommerde (Tips): Waikato surpasses Auckland Covid-19 community case count after exposure events
1 News: Napier resident tests positive for Covid-19
Gianina Schwanecke (Tips): New community case of Covid-19 identified in Napier
Things: Two new cases of Covid-19 in Gisborne, including an already isolated family member
RNZ: Two places of interest identified in Wellington
Kim Knight (Herald): In a year of Delta’s lockdown, we’ve each defined what freedom means – now we’re living with the consequences (paying)
Kendall Hutt (1 News): ‘New Zealand only’ – Hipkins’ Covid bush update takes social media by storm
Things: Chris Hipkins’ Covid-19 Update From ‘The Shire’ Boosts Social Media Humor, Memes
Vera Alves (Herald): Minister Chris Hipkins’ mother warns media he will be late

Deployment of the vaccine, warrants, pass, rules
David Farrar (Kiwiblog): Why is the media naming a worker who is not on the front lines and who is not vaccinated?
Rob Stock (Tips): Auckland Transport includes religious exemptions in Covid-19 vaccination policy
Daniel Smith (Tips): Fleur’s Place to close indefinitely after half staff refuse vaccine
Rob Stock (Tips): Flaw in My Vaccine Pass system extends expiration date beyond six months
Sapeer Mayron and Abigail Dougherty (Tips): Auckland nightclubs open to dancers as city moves to Orange
Hannah Martin (Tips): Meet the people behind the country’s largest vaccination deployment in Auckland

New Years Honors
Max Rashbrooke (Tips): Cut off the top of the honors list. They don’t need rewards anymore
ODT Editorial: Tribute to our creators of social capital
Newshub: New Year’s Honors 2022 – the complete list
RNZ: List of New Year’s honors announced for 2022
Laura Walters (Tips): Exceptional kiwis despite difficult times
Marena Mane (Maori TV): The last soldier of the Maori battalion accepts the title of knight in honor of his comrades
1 News: Last survivor of Maori Battalion ‘Bom’ Gillies knighted
Kelly Makiha (Herald): Reluctant war hero Sir Robert Gillies accepts knight for all Maori Battalion soldiers (paying)
Laura Walters (Tips): Longtime public servant Marie Shroff hopes NY Honor raises awareness for behind-the-scenes work
Adam Pearse (Herald): Dame Marie Shroff’s Tips for Social Media Users – “Think Before You Post” (paying)
Hamish MacLean (ODT): Make a difference for the purpose of life’s work
RNZ: New Zealand Pacific Community Recognized in New Year’s Honors
Tamsyn Parker (Herald): Recognized business leaders (paying)
Rebecca Howard (BusinessDesk): Agriculture Dominates New Year’s Business Honors (paying)
Adam Pearse (Herald): Knight nutrition expert Sir Jim Mann calls on government for “serious action” (paying)
Lee Kenny (Tips): Otago professor honored after career researching link between diet and health
RNZ: Jacinta Ruru: a high level lawyer who hopes for greater inclusion of Maori
Ben Strang (tips): Air Commodore Darryn Webb says Covid-19 MIQ challenge was intimidating
Helen Harvey (Tips): From Paperboy to New Years Eve – Taranaki’s Jim Tucker Gets the Bell for Journalism Services
Kate Green (Tips): Rosemary McLeod celebrated for her contributions to television and journalism
Troels Sommerville and Torika Tokalau (Tips): Auckland City Mission CEO “shocked” by chivalry
Nicholas Boyack (Tips): Lower Hutt’s Glorious Oxenham has been promoting Melanesian culture for 25 years
Maia Hart (Tips): A woman who devoted time to the “humble” Pasifika community to receive the honor
Uma Ahmed (Tips): Southlander of the Year: Ardent Activist

Economy, business, government grants
Mark Fryer (Herald): Inflation, interest rates and housing – all the economic news that was not Covid (paying)
Simon Bridges (Herald): Inflation weighs on the purchasing power of citizens (paying)
Brian Easton (expert): Turning to Jane Austen for Understanding Social Development

Local government
RNZ: Nelson fully allocates $ 200,000 to Covid-19 emergency fund
Maori TV: Protesters stop planes at Raglan airport

Environment, conservation, climate change
Simon O’Connor (Tips): Why the protection of nature is no longer reserved for environmental groups
Geraden Cann and Denise Piper (Tips): A Shore Thing: not enough money to “hold back the sea”, but defense is possible
Laura Walters (Tips): Activism, Connection with Nature, Conversation – How Young Kiwis Cope with Climate Anxiety
Denise Piper (Tips): How climate change is affecting the fruits and vegetables we can grow in our gardens
Hawkes Bay today: Two-million-year-old fossils on Te Mata peak extracted from rocks in groups

TDB recommends

Drug testing
Samantha Mythen (Herald): World’s first festival drug control law comes into effect this New Year
Louisa Steyl (tips): Rhythm and Alps works with WellSouth to promote testing

RNZ: Over 2,000 prison staff suspected of misconduct over five years
RNZ: Government call for action on unhealthy food advertising aimed at children
David Greig (BusinessDesk): Congestion pricing arrives in New Zealand (paying)
Kalika Kastein (press room): Universities need funds for international graduates

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