Nikola Vucevic may be the key that unlocks the Bulls’ offense


These are small samples, of course, but it’s likely that once Nikola Vucevic starts hitting shots, like he did against the Hornets on Monday, the Bulls’ offense suddenly looks a lot better than what it is. ‘they had shown in the last few matches.

(It’s also likely that playing a poor defensive team in Charlotte, who didn’t have a starting center, also helped)

Vuc had a breakout game with 30 points of 12-19 from the field and a perfect 6-6 of three.

(hey, we used the same photo!)

You can see with the three and several long twos face up that Vuc offered great spacing and a pick-and-pop option that has been there all season but has resulted in some duds instead.

But another contribution has been that Vuc has shown he’s not just a simple-5 stretch (first off, he’s a great defensive rebounder) but that he can play. Vucevic collected five assists in the evening.

I was watching the League Pass commentary with Nate Duncan and John Hollinger (and didn’t miss Stacey ‘gives a guttural oooooh then a tagline after each’ King ‘mark), and they noticed how weird it was that Charlotte was teaming up with Vuc being given that he hadn’t made a single basket from a post-up position. Kelly Oubre is making a really stupid move here, but it’s not to diminish Vuc as he has the skills to capitalize.

And then there’s this decision by Terry Rozier.

Even when she doesn’t get an assist, Vucevic’s threat is enough to send the defense (Charlotte’s defense, anyway) to scramble.

It’s only one game, and due to the missed time, Vuc only had a dozen bad ones. Not enough to amortize his Bulls career already, but I heard something of Rick camp Who stood out for me: When the Bulls acquired DeMar DeRozan and there were concerns about form, that wasn’t necessarily it DeRozan himself would not be suitable but that Someone would see their role reduced and would have to adapt personally to this change.

This imposition of role change has clearly been on Vucevic. But their last victory showed that he can still have opportunities and bring a lot. Maybe not enough to get an All-Star selection, but enough to make his team’s offense much more dangerous.

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