Newton-le-Willows foodie reviews restaurants on his social media blog


A BLOGGER visited restaurants in the area to review the dishes.

David Hales is a foodie from Newton-le-Willows who started recording his culinary experiences 10 years ago.

His blog account, The Cook Twit, started on Twitter and has since ventured to Instagram where he regularly posts photos of his restaurant meals.

David said: “It started as a hobby about 10 years ago. I was working in Manchester and at that time Twitter was the big social media platform, and pretty much every restaurant and bar had their own Twitter account and food blogs were all a thing.

“I thought I’d like to do this because I’m a bit of a foodie, so I started by taking pictures and then it built after that.

“Followers started coming in and I got pretty well known in the area. It’s just a habit now, really, every time I go to a restaurant.”

The 59-year-old has blogged many restaurants in Manchester and some in Newton as well.

His go-to is The Firkin on the high street, where he goes regularly with his dog Martha.

David also shares photos from his visits to other freelance businesses on the high street, including the Riddling Rack and the Kirkfield Hotel.

Cockapoo Martha makes the cut in a Riddling Rack photo post

St Helens Star: David shared a tantalizing photo with his followers on Instagram David shared a tantalizing photo with his followers on Instagram

The interior designer explained how a restaurant’s style and atmosphere play a key role in the dining experience.

He added: “It can really do that. You can have a really good meal but be pushed into a corner with no music or a rough draft, but it could also go another way, where you can have a meal that’s not too good but you sit on the veranda with the sun out.”

Although he enjoys dining out, David is also a keen cook and enjoys serving his own meals using local ingredients.

David was laid off from his interior design job in November 2020 due to the pandemic, but has since started his own interior design business called Nine Plus One.

To follow David and Martha in their restoration projects, visit The Cook Twit on Twitter and Instagram.

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