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This article is the first from one of my new blogs: Take this cup: how God turns suffering into glory and Joy.

I will rely heavily on my book of the same title, which is the result of 30 years of meditating on what the Bible says about suffering, as well as on my own suffering.

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I hope what God has shown me will be of great comfort and joy to those who read.

Suffering is one of the few universals in life and something that everyone reading this has struggled with. I wrote this book for you to believe that your suffering has meaning and that God is good.
I wrote this book for you to rejoice in your suffering because all Christian suffering unites us to Jesus Christ and, therefore, leads to glory and joy.

I make this bold, even offensive statement, because it is the good news of Jesus Christ proclaimed in a different way. It is the good news that God takes what men and demons mean for evil and transforms it into our glory and our joy, through his Son.

Read this book if you want to know how and where God promises his people glory and joy through their suffering. Read it and take the cup of suffering with your Lord. If you do, he promises you, he will unite with you through your suffering.

“It is a book not only on suffering, but also on the gospel of Jesus. We all need to understand the cup Erlandson is talking about, because we will all drink from it. But it is only if we understand him that we will know his joy. Hence the value of this book.

–Gerald McDermott, Beeson Divinity School

“It is one of those rare and remarkable books which effectively reminds us that drinking drafts of grace is only possible when its sweetness passes over lips which have also tasted the bitterness of adversity. Drink and drink deeply from this beautiful, comforting and intensely practical mug.

–George Grant, Presbyterian Parish Church, Franklin, Tennessee

“The challenge this book presents us could not be more daunting. We are told to drink the cup of suffering. Charles Erlandson urges us directly to bring it to our lips, confident that it is the cup of Christ. Pastorally sensitive and theologically astute, Take This Cup is a biblically-shaped meditation on the meaning of suffering and how we participate in Christ’s redemptive work by drinking from his cup.

–Hans Boersma, Theological Seminary of Nashotah House

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