Navigator of the Seas Live Blog – Day 7 – Day of the Seas


The last day of our cruise is another day at sea as we return to Los Angeles.

The weather today was not as good as yesterday, with cooler temperatures, clouds and intermittent showers.

I woke up and spent some time in the Solarium while catching up on the news from yesterday’s cruise.

Eventually I met my family for breakfast in the Windjammer.

Mid-morning there was a Top Tier Crown and Anchor member event featuring the Royal Theater entertainment team.

This is a question-and-answer type event, where dance and ice captains, as well as technical managers, explain what it takes to put on shows on a cruise ship.

Back in my cabin, I found a casino coupon waiting on my bed, which is the first time I have had one.

When lunch arrived we were hoping to go to Playmakers, but it was full of people eating there and overflowing from the Promenade cafe. Instead, we went to the main dining room.

I enjoy lunches at sea in the dining room, mainly because there is a different menu and I usually find something that I like.

I had hoped the weather would improve, but the best we had was a few sunburns before the clouds returned.

Frankly, I was just relaxing in the cabin. We had Starbucks coffee then relaxed in the room.

I went up to the pool deck in the afternoon just to mix things up, but it was still cold.

Dinner was back in the main dining room, where we said goodbye to our servers and thanked them for a great week.

Overall, I loved this route. There is so much to see in each of the ports on the Mexican Riviera, that I think it is worth flying over to see it all.

Granted, Omicron’s concerns were an added layer to this cruise that even a week before I’m not sure we anticipated this to be a problem.

As the cruise went on, I adopted a “what will be, will be” mentality. I have taken every precaution possible, including wearing my mask in many more places than I would otherwise have been able to, such as sometimes outdoors and keeping my mask on in restaurants until i have something to eat.

In the end, I wasn’t going to let Covid stop me from enjoying my vacation, but I wasn’t going to be too cavalier about it either. As I write this on the last morning while waiting to disembark, everyone is feeling fine and no common signs of Covid.

I have a lot more trouble getting to the airport and on my flight with little or no health protocols than at any time on this cruise.

A big thank you to all for following. I wish everyone a Happy New Year and my deepest gratitude for all of your support in reading the Royal Caribbean Blog.

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