Montreal’s iconic Deli Boucherie in Slovenia closes forever


La Boucherie Slovenia, an institution on Saint-Laurent Boulevard for 50 years, will soon be serving its latest spicy sausage.

The iconic house of huge Eastern European-style sandwiches – Slovenian sausages and towering charcuterie were staples – will close forever on January 29, owners Lourdes Rodrigues and Jean Teixeira said in a statement. Facebook post.

“Thank you to all of our loyal customers, for these wonderful years,” they said.

With a menu overflowing with huge but affordable meat and mustard sandwiches – sauerkraut, pickles and Cherry Cokes were also standard – Butchery Slovenia is the latest of the Main’s iconic old-school institutions to close.

Beloved Moishes steakhouse has announced its closure under the pressure of the pandemic in the summer of 2020.

Butchery Slovenia’s Facebook post asks readers to share their memories of the restaurant and butchery, with many offering childhood stories of visiting for a pepperette sandwich or their “underrated” smoked meat, which is “the best of the city,” according to one commentator.

Many apparent long-time customers said they wouldn’t know where to go to find dishes comparable to Butcher Slovenia’s prized menu items.

Others have noticed that another classic Montreal restaurant is closing. “Nothing replaces these fantastic old shops,” one person said. “It’s a loss. The rich character of the boulevard is disappearing.”

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