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The TVA Group is still doing very well: in three years, it has increased by 464%

In the “Silver” stock market blog, expert François Bloch paints a daily portrait of dazzling or vacillating action. Today: The TVA Group, which is based in Switzerland.

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Market sentiment: SMI above 11,444 points (currently: 12,632) – Wall Street: US stock markets: + 0.18% – interest rates remain low in the USA until 2022 – gold above the 1,600 dollars mark US per ounce (currently: US $ 1,792) – Oil rebound higher (US $ 81.27) – Adidas papers (ticker symbol: ADS GY) start again: Buy only with covered calls.


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Society: the VAT Group AG (ticker symbol: VACN SW) is active in the worldwide production and sale of vacuum valves, multi-valve modules and metal bellows. In addition, the group offers comprehensive services such as 24 hour service, training, repair and overhaul of devices, valve upgrades as well as spare parts and the supply of VAT parts and consumables. . ‘origin. The business areas are structured into valves, global services and industry. Geographically, the group is divided into America, EMEA, Asia and ROW. The clients of the TVA Group include companies in the semiconductor and medical sectors, producers of flat screens and photovoltaic panels, as well as design offices of industrial companies. The production sites are located in Haag (Switzerland), Penang (Malaysia) and Arad (Romania) as well as in Xinwu (Taiwan). The company was founded in Switzerland in 1965 and is headquartered in Haag, Switzerland. (Source: www.finanzen.net)

Excellent on the road with VAT: + 464% in 3 years (take advantage)

Investment proposal: Now march the star of the Eastern Swiss stock exchange after a setback Management 444 francs (currently: 442.71 francs) per share and the most difficult times of March 2020 seem to have been forgotten. The current price / earnings ratio of 60.21 points is very high compared to the historical average. So I’m assuming the key financial numbers will improve dramatically from 2023 onwards. So I recommend you to act with covered calls, as the chances of further price increases appear in my opinion. In your place, I would position myself with a covered call for the date of June 2022 with an exercise price of CHF 400. It seems important to me that you receive this dividend not reinvest in new paper, but keep it as a natural cover. Without covered calls, I would no longer operate at this high level. The local market only won in three years 65.5%while the VAT group at the same period around 464% forward To do. This once again underlines a activist investing style it is really worth it for you.

Investment strategy: Sensational performance in 2020, now also in 2021 – massive additional return compared to the Swiss Performance Index (SPI)

Conclusion: Paper is attractive at the current level. In combination with covered call options, it is always more than recommended for an investor.

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