Attentive chef is pleased to announce that it has become the the first recipe box company to label its recipes carbon, with the launch of a new Low Carbon à la carte range on December 3. As part of the healthy food company’s mission to become NetZero by 2030, B-Corp has partnered with Climate Partner – an independent provider of climate action solutions – to enable customers to select recipes in line with WWF’s goal of reducing food-related emissions.

The Carbon Neutral brand has subjected each of its recipes to a complete Life Cycle Analysis, measuring greenhouse gases and the corresponding carbon footprint. Taking the concept of ‘field to fork’ a step further, this ‘cradle to grave’ approach ensures that Mindful Chef has taken into account all aspects of its business model, including cultivation, packaging. , transport, storage, cooking and disposal of products. Recipes bearing the “low carbon impact” label will allow consumers to make more informed choices about how to reduce their individual carbon footprint and tackle climate change.

Myles Hopper, Co-Founder and Community Leader at Mindful Chef, comments: ‘At Mindful Chef we have always believed that food can be good for both people and the planet. This is something that has always fascinated us and we are delighted to go even further with the launch of our Low Carbon menu. Our customers have always looked to us to facilitate healthy eating and now, following recent reports demonstrating that two thirds of European consumers support carbon labeling, we are delighted to help customers facilitate sustainable eating as well ”.

Emma Detain, Head of Sustainability at Mindful Chef, comments: We know that food production and food waste are one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions around the world. The carbon footprint of an average person’s diet is around 5.17 kg of CO2e per day. In accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement, WWF has set an international target for reducing food-related emissions to 4.09 kg CO2e per person per day by 2030, in order to limit global warming to 1.5 ° C. Our Low Carbon range emits on average 20% less carbon than the average British dinner. Putting this into practice, if everyone in the UK traded one dinner per week for a low-carbon recipe, it would save over 1.5 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year ”.

Mindful Chef will seek to continually question itself and bring more recipes to the Low Carbon range in the months to come. Measuring the carbon impact of its recipes allows the B-Corp brand to identify where meaningful action can and should be taken to help accelerate the transition to a sustainable food future. Measuring to inform reduction is the foundation of Mindful Chef’s reduction strategy and brings the NetZero brand closer by 2030.

Efua Mercer, Sustainability Consultant at Climate Partner, comments: We are excited to support Mindful Chef in this pioneering work, helping their customers understand what it means to eat a truly low carbon meal. By comparing individual recipes to a meal compatible with limiting global warming to less than two degrees, we can actually see what the goal looks like. It’s this kind of hands-on initiative that will really help us all get things done when it comes to bringing the UK to NetZero.

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