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Over the past few days, Lindy Ruff and her coaching staff have focused on meeting different players one-on-one and individual lines to have in-depth conversations.

“Conversation” is the key word here because meetings are not about pointing fingers. It’s about learning to improve, understanding each other. Both parties are involved in the discussion. It’s not just a coach telling a player what he’s doing right or wrong, it’s a discussion where the coaches want to understand the players’ point of view as well. Why did they play the game they did, good or bad.

Everyone experiences a game from a different point of view. The coaches are on the bench, but not on the ice. These things can make a difference, just like these conversations.

“Sometimes what they see and what we see don’t really match up, so it usually turns out to be a good conversation,” Ruff explained. “We’re showing them probably eight to 10 clips of you know what they did well, where we can improve, what they sometimes thought about some of the readings that were inside the game and where we could probably get better. supporting each other and in a lot of our game in the defensive zone and then on the ice, creating an attack by speaking of, you know, what do you see here, what you read here? ”

Video: Lindy Ruff | PRACTICE RAW 12.7.21

The back and forth of the time spent between the coach and the player (s) is vital. These meetings are focused on understanding, on learning by both parties.

“It’s not, you should. It’s also you really want to understand what they’re seeing from their perspective,” Ruff said. “Inside our system there are things you have to do. But sometimes you know you’ll understand the reading they got because of you know either the touch we got or it maybe was a 50-50 touch on a puck and you’ll understand why they went to a certain spot. And sometimes it’s vocalized on the ice where we can’t hear it.

The most important part is getting the messages across and implementing the positives at the time of the game. With some of these meetings taking place over the past few days, players and coaches are hoping they will lead. to new achievements and bring the Devils back to the winning column.

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