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Welcome to another episode of A Touch Of Pink, your one stop shop for rainbow pop. As usual, all of tonight’s tracks have rainbow content. Tune in this Saturday to JOY 94.9 from 5-6 p.m. for a full hour of wonderful exploratory listening.

14 new or recent tracks tonight with rainbow content/artists from America, UK, Ireland, Berlin, Sweden and Australia. Wonderful new tracks from Aussies Coldhands, Jax Clinghan, Andre Cordova, Peter Wilson, plus Jake Wesley Rogers, Melanie Wehbe, NEYON, John Duff, Jake Lancer, Chris Isen, Tight Fit, Kristian Kaspersen, Conleth Kane, Hercules & Love Affair and Anohni, from elsewhere in the world.

Playlist of Show 775 broadcast on June 4, 2022

Jake Wesley Rogers

lavender forever

cold hands

Feels like a vacation

Jax Clingan

where is the meaning

Melanie Wehbe

As I do


Fun with anyone

John Duff

Is It A Sin (Eric Kupper Remix)

Andre Cordoba

drown it

Jake Lancer


Chris Issen

nasty game

fitted cut

I care about you (7th Heaven radio edit)

Kristian Kaspersen

Tears on the dance floor

Pierre Wilson

Point of no return

Conleth Kane

I turn to you (7th Heaven radio edit)

Hercule & Love Affair & Anohni

Poisoned Tale

Australian content ** All tracks have Rainbow content

Single of the week: Lavender Forever by Jake Wesley Rogers. Jake is a wonderful American singer, born in Ozark Missouri, he started his singing career in 2017, and in 5 short years has achieved a lot. Appearances on Ellen, James Corden and to support an upcoming Ben Platt tour. For connoisseurs, his music resembles that of Bowie in his Ziggy Phase, and Jobriath (glam singer of the early 70s). He also had an epic performance in an episode of Legendary Season 3, as a performer on Lavender Forever and as a guest judge.


Neyon: Having Fun With Anyone (Cute Text Video)

John Duff: Is it a sin

Tight fit: clinging to you

Conleth Kane: I turn to you

TIN: Sexual cologne and cigarettes (from last week’s show)

(a bit naughty, I’m just saying)

It’s your lot….. now walk away…

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