Latinx Heritage Month 2021 on Yelp | Bark

This year’s Latinx Heritage Month at Yelp included the efforts of all parts of the business. Many thanks to our public relations, data and community teams for their efforts with our community of business owners. Not only did these teams help create bilingual resources and wonderful events, they discovered that more than 24,000 companies across the US and Canada have already identified themselves as Latinx owned since the inception of our Latinx Owned Trade Attribute!

As for our internal events, they ranged from discussions of business owners, cooking classes to important conversations between our employees. We kicked off the celebration by continuing the dialogue with employees from last year – finding unity within the diverse Latinx / Hispanic community. Spanning over 20 countries, countless traditions and nuanced experiences, our employees shared stories that made others feel seen.

If feelings weren’t enough, we also had a great arepa-making class with Zulia’s Kitchen, based in San Antonio. Throughout history, arepa has remained virtually unchanged and is a staple associated with Colombian and Venezuelan cuisine. Company manager, Morelys Yaraure supported us his version of an authentic arepa.

To end the month, our SomosYelp employee resource group gathered for a coffee hour with interactive sandwich trivia, and we ended with a visit from our friends from Fuerza Local. Fuerza Local (part of Local First Arizona, a long-time beneficiary of the Yelp Foundation) is a nonprofit organization that works to strengthen local communities and economies by supporting and celebrating local businesses in Arizona. . Business Accelerator staff and graduates joined us to discuss their experience and impact on two large local Latinx-owned companies, Azuquita and Salsas Fierro Por La 300.

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