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Skydiving in the United States, swimming with sharks in Curacao and climbing pyramids in Belize – Joni Wedderburn lives for adventure. But when the pandemic put travel privileges on hold, the adrenaline junkie took her explorations closer to home. These days, she’s stepping into new territory as a themed travel blogger.

“I really enjoy exploring new places and trying unique experiences, so a travel blog is a natural fit for me,” said the PR professional. Saturday life, noting that she decided to shift the focus from highlighting places to establishing a theme that would then align with specific activities and destinations.

As a child, Wedderburn loved to swing in his neighborhood playground. So much so that the mother should keep her away from the red and white swing day and night. It is this passion for swing that inspired her to launch her new blog.

She has already started her quest, sharing her love for swings at three locations: Chukka Ocean Outpost in Sandy Bay, Villa Elia in Treasure Beach and Campbelton Mountain Adventures in Hanover. “It was very important for me to include various experiences in the list as I set out to introduce different parts of Jamaica and encourage others to explore as well,” she said.

Admitting that we were far from her nine to five backstage, she was happy to apply her own coaching techniques, in front of the camera. And, she found similarities in the research and writing aspects, which made the transition seamless. “What’s great is that PR and travel blogging give me a chance to promote Jamaican businesses and experiences, which I’m very passionate about.”

But travel blogs are no swing in the park. He presented more challenges than we see. Getting to these exciting destinations was exciting, but it took a winding and sometimes bumpy journey. She embarked on the process of examining the premises, obtaining permission to photograph properties, coordinating schedules, selecting wardrobes, all before a single photo was taken. socket. Sometimes it felt like she was swimming against the tide of long 12-hour trips to experience light, explore different angles and hold uncomfortable poses: “At the end of the day, living the experience and producing beautiful images. ; well worth the hard work.

She chose to work with photographer Matthew Morrison on the visuals to perfectly capture the experience. “We’ve been friends for a long time because we both attended Wolmer High School. When I told him about my project for the travel blog, he was very excited and immediately jumped on board. Although our days of filming are tiring, we enjoy the lively discussions during our long journeys together; we never take ourselves too seriously and we always have fun, ”she shared.

Going forward, the new ‘kid’ of the travel blogging block hopes to create high-quality destination content, including videos, from across the island. And who knows, she might venture beyond the coasts of this island. “I have fun themes online. And I’m not just setting my sights on Jamaica, ”she added.

For more information, follow Wedderbun on Instagram: @islebeaway.

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