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Welcome to your Morning Cup of Joe, an eye-opener to help Joe readers adjust to their busy work day with some football links, goofy news and a pleasant distraction.

Entertainment of the day

Micah Parsons says rough passing penalties should be reviewable. He is absolutely right ! Belicheat has been saying for years that every game should be challengeable and Belicheat is right (that doesn’t mean coaches should have unlimited challenges). [PFT]

Joe swears there is no constant love-hate affair between an NFL franchise and its former star player the Rams and 1980s star running back Eric Dickerson. He was on the roller coaster of hate with his former team this weekend. How long before the next make-up kiss session? [CBS]

Urban Meyer’s steakhouse in Columbus is getting a makeover and changing its name? I guess the place wants college-aged women to walk in the door without fear of being grabbed and fondled by some really bad NFL coaches? [Yahoo!]

Now Cynthia Frelund is in the faux darts throwing draft. [NFL]

Adrian Peterson was dragged off a plane and nabbed for felony domestic violence for getting in trouble with his wife. The plane had left Los Angeles and returned due to the physical nature of the hassle. His wife remained on the plane as it took off for its destination. [TMZ]

John Riggins feels alienated that the WTF is changing its name again – from its original moniker to Commanders. [Outkick]

The idea of ​​hosting a Super Bowl in London is a total outrage and Congress should revoke the NFL’s antitrust exemption if it is successful. [Awful Announcing]

After the Auburn bigwigs fail to oust football coach Bryan Harsin, Harsin then shows up and parties with the Auburn student section at the Auburn basketball game. [BroBible]

Prepare yourselves. Here comes the next panic of the coronavirus occult: the omicron BA.2 variant! Put your masks back on and lock yourself inside like good little submissives. [CNBC]

Joe Rogan at Fourth Estate (specifically, CNN): Instead of pushing censorship, do your job better. [FOX News]

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