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The former sales manager, entrepreneur, author, mentor and health and wellness advocate is launching a new online journal from which he will communicate his thoughts and ideas to the world.

NAPERVILLE, IL/ACCESSWIRE/November 18, 2022/ It is with great pride and delight that Jeremy Fetzer, former sales manager, entrepreneur, author, mentor, and health and wellness advocate, announces that he has launched a new blog and penned his inaugural entry. Topics covered by Jeremy’s online diary will primarily relate to cultivating a healthy lifestyle, as well as advice for people in the sales industry, two topics with which he has extensive professional expertise.

In the first blog entry, titled Expert Jeremy Fetzer discusses what you need to know before pursuing a career in sales, Jeremy gives a comprehensive overview of the sales profession. In a major section, it outlines the skills needed to succeed in the notoriously competitive profession. “First and foremost, you must be a people person,” he writes, adding, “This means you must enjoy interacting with others and building relationships. You must also communicate effectively verbally and in writing and be coachable, which is the You must also be self-motivated, self-motivated and proactive Working independently and as part of a team is essential Finally, you must have a positive attitude and be comfortable with change.

Elsewhere in the blog, Jeremy Fetzer offers some advice for those considering pursuing a career in sales, stating that “it is essential to research the different types of jobs available in sales. Many other industries employ salespeople, it is therefore necessary to find an area that you are interested in. Once you have narrowed down your options, you can start researching specific companies within those sectors.It is also good to network with people already working in sales. They can provide you with valuable information and insights into the industry.Finally, gaining some work experience in sales is essential.This can be through internships, part-time jobs or even volunteering.”

Anyone curious to read this blog entry in its entirety will find it located herewhile anyone interested in knowing more about Jeremy Fetzer is encouraged to visit his official website Youtube channel.

About Jeremy Fetzer:

Jeremy Fetzer is a former sales manager, an aspiring author, and a mentor and coach to many of his colleagues.

Growing up in a lower-middle-class family in Elgin, Illinois, Jeremy enlisted in the United States Navy at the age of 19. He served three years of active duty and five years of inactive duty. After being honorably discharged in 2000, Jeremy Fetzer enrolled in the business school at Northern Illinois University. During his studies, he worked part-time to cover his expenses. After graduating, Jeremy went to work as an account executive at UPS, where he spent three years. After that, he held a position at Brinks, Inc. for six and a half years, then at John M. Floyd & Associates for another six and a half years.

Jeremy Fetzer is currently in the process of starting his own life coaching business aimed specifically at salespeople. He is also deeply engaged in the process of writing his first mental health-themed book, tentatively titled “MindfullyEmotionallyBornAgain.” Jeremy’s new business and his book will be launched simultaneously in the near future.

When he’s not working or mentoring, Jeremy Fetzer enjoys a wide variety of activities, the most important of which is spending time with their young son. Although he is divorced, Jeremy has a wonderful co-parenting relationship with his ex-wife and her family, and he credits them with incredible support. Beyond that, he likes to travel, cook and play sports, especially golf. Jeremy is also proud of his involvement in charitable events through Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion in Naperville.

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