Humphries Sisters Race To New 5k PRs


* Nicole Humphries placed fourth at the Marcus Coach T. Invitational on Saturday.

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The dynamic sister duo Flower Mound (TX) of Nicole Humphries and Samantha Humphries head into their college cross-country season as two of Texas’ top performers and ones to watch on the national stage. The sisters put in their best cross-country performances to date last season, with Nicole and Samantha clocking personal best 5k times of 17:39.30 and 17:39.98, respectively. They also competed in two rounds of the record-breaking National Indoor 4xmile team from Flower Mound which ran for a new American high school best of 19:37.78 at the New Balance Indoor Nationals. After such successful 2021 seasons, Nicole and Samantha are gearing up for what’s to come this fall. We asked the Humphries sisters to document their training for the next four weeks as their junior cross country season begins to ramp up, and week three is narrated by Nicole.

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Week 3 (August 29 – September 4)

* Week 2 is told in the words of Nicole.

Monday, August 29 — 5 miles

I woke up and got ready for practice at 7am where I ran 5 easy miles with Sam at a comfortable pace. Overall it was a good race, but my legs were still a bit tired from the long weekend race, so the easy pace helped me a lot. After the race, we did medicine ball drills and hip mobility hurdles together.

After school I came home and worked on my homework until dinner time. My family went to join my teammates at Chipotle because we had a team fundraiser for the upcoming season. Chipotle is one of my favorite restaurants. After dinner, Sam and I went to weight training where we did core, core and core workouts. Then I went to bed to rest for training the next day.

Tuesday, August 30 — 6 miles

I went to practice at 7am and started warming up with my team for track practice. Our workout consisted of 4×1 mile reps with 1 minute rest at tempo pace and a 1 mile warm up and cool down. Even though it was very humid outside, this workout was really nice and enjoyable. Sam and I formed a solid group with a few of the boys on our team, and we were able to put in those miles a little faster than previous weeks while still feeling smooth and in control.

At school I had to take an ACT practice and had a pre-calculus quiz. After school, Sam and I went to a local animal shelter where we volunteer every week. Then I went home and took a nap before hitting the gym for some cardio. Then I put on NormaTec boots and got ready for bed after a long day.

Wednesday, August 31 — 5 miles

In practice we did an easy run which was 5 miles for me. I ran with my team mates at an easy pace and we did a loop I had never done before which was fun. After the race, we did medicine ball drills, core drills, and hurdle drills.

At school, we did a chemistry lab. After school I had plenty of time to relax so I took a nap, finished some homework and watched TV. Today was a super easy day which helped me recover from the tough training the night before.

Thursday, September 1 — 7 miles

Instead of doing a second workout for the week, our coach changed it up for this week and had us do a longer run, which was a few miles less than our usual long run. We did this to keep things under control ahead of our Saturday race at the Marcus Coach T. Invitational. I felt really good during this run and really enjoyed the loop we did. We went up and down several hills, which helped us change our pace while doing mountain work. When we came back to school afterwards, we did 6 strides on the grass to help with speed.

School was a bit stressful because I had a chemistry test, but I ended up doing really well. After school, Sam and I hit the gym to cross-train, then came home to have dinner and refuel before hitting the weights. We ate baked potatoes, which is one of my favorite dishes. For strength, we have simplified the preparation for our next race. Then I went to bed early because I was really tired.

Friday, September 2 — 4 miles

I fell asleep in 30 minutes longer because we had a practice at 7:30. In training we just did an easy run to recover before our race. Sam and I ran 4 miles together and it was really nice. Then we did 6 strides to get our legs moving a bit more.

At school today we had half a day, so I only had to go to one class. We played games there which was really fun. After the short day at school, I went to visit my mother at work and had lunch with her and some friends.Then I took a nap and cooled off before going to a team dinner with my teammates. We ate pasta and salad to fill up on carbs before the race. It was a really fun time with my teammates. After that, I went home to get ready for Saturday. I took a salt bath, stretched, did NormaTec and braided my hair because I had to wake up very early the next day. Then I went to bed at 9 p.m. to sleep well.

Saturday, September 3 — Race Day at the Marcus Coach T. Invitational, 6 miles total

Today was race day. I woke up at 5 a.m. and got ready to go on the bus to the meeting at 5:30 a.m. I had my breakfast on the bus. When we arrived we had to start warming up almost immediately as we were in the first race at 7:15.

It was my team’s first 5K cross-country race of the season, and I think it went really well overall. The course was one we have ridden several times, although it was a bit muddy after a week of rain. At the start of the race, my plan was to hold off the first mile a bit and try to focus on the finish. Overall, I think I executed this well. I started towards the back of the lead runners for the first mile and progressed through the back sections of the course and closed nicely. I ran 5:31 and my sister ran 5:20. It was a PR of 10 seconds for me and my best time on this course, but I’m excited to keep working hard and improving. It was a very competitive meet, almost like a mini state meet, so overall I’m proud of how I performed, but I see areas where I can improve and find myself more near the front. I am also proud of my team for taking the team victory in a morning of competition. I’m happy with the results being the first 5k of the season!

After the race, my teammates and I cooled down together and then cheered on our teammates in subsequent races. It was a very fun morning. When we got home, some of my teammates and I went to get some food together. Then I was extremely tired so I took a long nap. The rest of the day I relaxed to recuperate and spent time with my family members who are in town.

Sunday, September 4 — Cross Training/Rest

I slept after a long day because of the race. I didn’t do much today because I was so sore and tired, so I needed a day to recover. I finished some homework, spent time with my family, and refueled. For a workout, Sam and I went to the gym to train for an hour. I felt really good during it and it was a nice way to recover while still training.

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Total mileage: 33 miles

This is the third installment in the Humphries series and is part of several workout blogs written by various athletes as the 2022 cross country season begins to ramp up. Discover our training blog serial sheet for more content.

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