Here for humanity, new food bank services have multiplied


Preston Here For Humanity needs your help

Here for Humanity Preston recently announced that services have been increased.


With the current climate of rising food and energy prices, the charity has found it is receiving an unprecedented number of requests for support, potentially even more than needed during lockdowns.

The new dining club, called Fulwood Here for Humanity for administrative purposes, operated for the first time this week and will continue to operate every Tuesday from now.

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This new club joins the original Tanterton Here for Humanity to a Thursday and the Plungington version on a Friday.

A spokesperson for Preston Here For Humanity said: “Each group is named differently as they are charged for their food by our supplier based on the food collected, but by opening another hub means we can now in turn support up to 50 additional people. homes in a different part of town while supporting up to 50 homes in each of the other centers.

“Food Clubs is a pantry-style service where a user pays a small membership for a share of food that we also pay a membership to collect from our supplier to share the fare.

“Food is recycled from waste and redistributed before being sent to landfill”

Food banks in your area can be seen below

Users of the proposed service receive three bags for their membership each week which contain:

  • A bag of boxes and packages
  • A bag of meat and dairy products
  • A bag of fruits and vegetables

Through this sustainable membership program, the Dining Club invites the team to donate a free bag of food to any genuine family in need who may not be able to provide food.

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The community food bank also funds additional projects such as dinners for children or hot meals for the elderly.

The Food Club is funded by Preston City Council and the National Lottery Community Fund and anyone wishing to take part need only complete a simple self-referral form. The form is located here.

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