Heart’s Make Me A Millionaire 2022: follow the blog live during the million pound final…


May 27, 2022, 06:05 | Updated: May 27, 2022, 10:45 a.m.

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Picture: Heart

We made Paul Clymer a millionaire in Heart’s Make Me A Millionaire, you can catch all the excitement on Global Player now.

Heart’s Make Me A Millionaire 2022 is over – and we’ve given Paul Clymer £1,000,000!

From luxury vacations to new homes, each of our finalists dreamed of what they would do if they won the prize money. But Paul was lucky to win!

Make sure you don't miss the final, LIVE on Global Player!

Make sure you don’t miss the final, LIVE on Global Player!

Picture: Heart

8.56am: Paul Clymer becomes our million pound winner!

Click here to see when Paul won and why he will spend money.

8:49 am: Still no winner! There are 26 finalists left to enter the vault!

Steve Gwillim, Astrit Berisha and Lisa Wong unfortunately won’t walk away with £1,000,000 today. The winning box is still in the safe, but who will choose it? We have 26 people left to enter the vault!

8:38: We haven’t found our next millionaire yet!

Rich Dodson, Felipe Ribeiro, Emma Siva and Mark Billington then entered the safe, but none of them opened the Million Pound box!


8:25 a.m.: Three other finalists enter the safe!

Kaylea Bannister, Paul Gannon and Lorraine Reddington are the next finalists to enter the vault.

Unfortunately, we didn’t make Kaylea, Paul or Lorraine a millionaire today.

8.13am: Our top three finalists walk away without £1,000,000

Look here :

Kerrin Harris, Darren Groombridge and Dan Cook were the first three people to enter the Million Pound Vault. Sadly, all three boxes say ‘I’m NOT a millionaire’ meaning we haven’t yet discovered the life-changing £1,000,000 winner.

7:59 AM Amanda is in the safe!

Amanda has arrived in the safe! The million pound final will start in less than a minute.

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