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“He doesn’t cook”

November 3, 2022

Warren Sapp intervenes.

So what’s going on with Tom Brady?

People seem to think the Bucs quarterback is screwed up. Then you look at the numbers and remember her age, and your head shakes. Second in the league by the way? Only one choice? At 45? This is supposed to be “wrong?”

If it’s wrong, then Joe doesn’t want to be right.

But the optics are bad. Fans see Brady’s frustration on the court. He’s just as accurate this year as he was in the glorious 2020 Super Bowl season. So, statistically, Brady is having a great year. Aesthetically it is not.

So what’s going on? Bucs legend Warren Sapp is a guy who knows how to make quarterbacks uncomfortable. And he sees an uncomfortable Brady.

By appearing on “In the trenchespodcast with host Ian Beckles, Sapp summed up simply why Brady doesn’t look smooth.

“He’s uncomfortable with what’s in front of him,” Sapp said of Brady. That’s the one thing about any quarterback. If he is unstable in the kitchen in front of him, he does not cook.

Maybe there is something to it. Until the Baltimore game, two inside linemen were playing in the seventh start of their NFL careers. Neither is anywhere near the Pro Bowl level where Ryan Jensen and Ali Marpet were.

So Joe can see there’s a fit for Brady. And maybe Robert Hainsey and Luke Goedeke haven’t earned Brady’s full trust? That takes time.

Unfortunately, the Bucs don’t have much time left to possibly salvage Brady’s final season.

If the Bucs return from Munich in two weeks 3-7, Joe doesn’t know how the Bucs can reasonably expect to qualify for the playoffs.

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