“It has been a mission to get there, but as long as we focus on protecting our communities, we can’t go too far wrong.”

“It was a boost to get the tautoko from the district health boards and all the Iwi in Taitokerau last week, as well as to get the support of the Police Commissioner and his Maori discussion forum. “

“Taitokerau still has a high rate of unvaccinated people, limited health services and a growing list of Covid cases, so you can understand why we are concerned about predictions of a massive spike in cases after this holiday period,” especially if we don’t manage our borders effectively.

“Our regional coordinators, Rueben Taipari and Nyze Manuel, worked overtime to prepare everything for the opening of our southern borders on December 15, meeting the police and health authorities and discussing with the inhabitants so that everyone was in the know. aware of what’s going to happen. happening and train our people ”

“Yesterday, they were there with the police, working on lanes for emergency vehicles, professional traffic and private travel.

“And the local community of Waipu, Takahiwai and Ruakaka has been fabulous. One of the residents has ceded his land and facilities for a vaccination site, and we hope to have rapid antigen testing as well, but that is a work in progress. People have come forward to help on the front lines, and others are offering to cook for us every day. And when they heard that we were starting each day with a karakia, some members of the local Highland Pipe band said they would come and beat us every morning as well. Damn shiny!

“And we have also been contacted by Ngāti Whātua who will work with the police on the checkpoint on SH12 to help smooth the traffic coming from the north via Dargaville.

“So with everyone working together, it’s a little disappointing to hear David Seymour throw his ‘iwi thug’ card the other day, and good to hear Minister Davis slap him and speak up for all those who work together at the borders.

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“To be honest, we’re still worried about the impact of the human tsunami on Christmas, and that’s why we prefer no one to come until we hit 90% or get a double vaxx if they did. , and we will continue to push for this standard every day. But we are preparing to work with Iwi, the police and the community to help reduce the risk of the spread of Covid by ensuring that travelers meet government requirements.

“There are 7 days left – I just hope we do enough.

Hone Harawira

Tai Tokerau border control

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