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How well do you know God?

Do you like meeting him every day?

Is he the first thing that comes to mind every morning?

Do you want to spend time with Him? With his word?

Do you look forward to His sweet whispers throughout your day?

Do you feel His presence at every sunrise and sunset?

Do thoughts of your Heavenly Father bring a smile to your face?

Do the words of his kindness and faithfulness ebb and flow easily in your conversations?

Is his word alive and active, piercing your heart each time you read it?

Does worship just make you cry as you ponder the words, the goodness of God in your life?

Do you enjoy the sweet intimacy of a living, breathing relationship with the God of the universe?


Has your time with God become stale, more like a checklist of things to do?

Do you desire a deeper intimacy with the One who created you?

Do you feel like your prayer life is boring or non-existent?

Do you have trouble concentrating during worship services?

Has it been a while since you felt the nudge of the Holy Spirit?

Has your spiritual life become lukewarm?

There was definitely a time when I felt God’s presence so close, every moment of every day. A time when I couldn’t get enough of Him. A time when my moments with Him were so real, so alive. A time when I couldn’t wait to be in his presence again.

But, if I’m totally honest, I’m in a dry season. I often feel like my time with God is boring, unproductive. I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve heard a fresh word from him. I yearn for those days of sweet intimacy where I could truly feel him with me every moment of my day.

Last week as I was walking I was listening to a sermon. As I listened, I heard the phrase “Come back.”

Go back to what you first heard and believed; hold it firmly. Repent and turn to me again. Revelation 3:3

It’s been a topic of conversation around our house lately. What does it take to regain that intimacy we once had? How do we get back to that sweet place with our Father?

As I walked and pondered these thoughts, a few things came to mind.

Remember God’s faithfulness. Throughout the Old Testament, the Israelites often experienced the miraculous works of God. Immediately after seeing God at work, they were commanded to take stones and create a memorial (Genesis 28 and Joshua 4 among others). The stones were designed to remind them and future generations of God’s faithfulness.

Do you have memorial stones? I know I do! I remember answered prayers. I remember soft whispers. I remember arrangements that I cannot explain. Throughout my life, I can look back and see how he has been with me through every step of my life, paving the way and guiding me to where I am today.

I can list a few examples of how he provided for my college education as only he could. Shortly after the death of my ex-husband, I received an unexplained and unsolicited gift in the exact amount I had to pay my daughter’s medical bills. I remember the day when I was so grieved by the events of my life and I heard God in the loudest yet inaudible voice simply say, “Trust me. I have that. I remember the feeling of inexplicable peace after completing the prayer circles around my house. I could go on and on.

The memory reminds me of his faithfulness, how he never left me and never will. It strengthens my faith to believe that if he has done it before, he will do it again. It focuses my mind on the character of God instead of the chaos of life. It helps me fix my thoughts on him so that his perfect peace will flood my life (Isaiah 26:3).

Go back to the things you were doing before. I keep wondering what’s different now. There are specific things that I don’t have much control over. My job is much more demanding and I’m just in another season of life.

However, there are some things I can do. I make time with God the very first thing every morning rather than being distracted by everything on my phone. I can keep a prayer book by my desk and use it throughout the day. I can keep worship music playing in the background. I can cultivate strong Christian friendships that allow me to focus on Him.

If I had to choose a thing it has always helped me in my christian walk, no doubt i would choose christian friends. Those times when I have been closest to God have always been times when I was in community with others. It is true that as iron sharpens iron, so one friend sharpens another (Proverbs 27:17).

We are in a season of seeking and building strong Christian friendships. It may mean that we have to reconnect with old friends. It may mean that we need to make new friendships. Either way, it means we need others. God created us to live in connection. I know it is essential to regain the intimacy that I desire.

stick to it. In God’s way, two days after my walk, the sermon at church was on this very subject. Pastor Craig told all of us to remember it, finish it, and save it. Only God could reinforce what He was telling me in this way!

It’s so true. When we seek God, we must cling to him. We cannot adequately cling to this world and cling to God at the same time. Maintaining a solid grip requires both hands. The scriptures say we cannot be friends with the world without being enemies of God. Either way, it forces us to cling wholeheartedly to what is most precious to us.

Too often we are distracted. I know how hard it is in this world that demands our attention. But, we must make the decision to make Him our one and only priority, to cling so tightly to Him that we let go of any distractions that might pull us away. I don’t know what you’re clinging to, but I know what I’m clinging to – and it’s time to let go.

And I need a friend to travel with me. Do you want to join me?

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