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Welcome to the live blog of the first day of senior men’s competition at the 2022 European Championships, taking place in Munich, Germany!

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4:42. Artem Dolgopyat ISR HB: Layout Tkachev barely crosses the bar, had to flex them to cross it, , Tkachev, stalder to inbar half to his front giants, tak, Endo, double double layout with a jump. 12.833

Dimitar Dimitrov BUL VT: 13,666

Sebastian Gawronski POL PB: 13,100

4:40. Rani Dalsgard DEN FX: Double front full length floor, OOB. The 2.5 layout up front was solid. Randi with a jump back. The double full landed well on the side. Triple full to finish, chest forward. 12,700

David Huddleston BUL VT: 14,266

Ron Piatov ISR HB: 11,000

4:38. Jonas Thorisson ISL PH: I didn’t watch it closely but I followed the routine! 10,700

Martin Gudmundsson ISL PH: 10.766

Valgard Reinhardsson ISL PH: 11.933

Luka Bojanc SLO SR: 12,900

Teodor Trifonov BUL VT: 13.266

Yordan Aleksandrov BUL VT: 13.833

Matej Nemcovic SVK PB: 12,000

4:35. Uri Zeidel ISR HB: Tkachev, German giants, a little form break in the stalder, a blind change to a forward giant in Endo, ugh, basically goes horizontal on the full twist double layout and lands on his knees. 12.033

Aron Jacobsen DEN PH: 12.666

4:32. Let’s move on to the second rotation!

4:30. Dominick Cunningham IRL PH: Scissors to circles on both grips, moves pretty well in the first half, just hip form that will probably be anchored on every skill, Russians at the end, tiniest form break going into the headstand, but that was good enough for him! 11,733

4:27. Rhys McClenaghan IRL PH: Scissors to stand up in front of his circles, Russians on the single handle then SMOOTHLY transitions to the other handle for his circles, hips not as clean as we usually see but just in that element , the rest of the time, it is especially very well elongated. Russians between the grips, the legs spread when he moves towards the Russians at the end of the horse, struggles a little in the pirouette in handstand in the exit and he comes out a little short, but despite the small errors it was very nice! 14,200

4:24. Ewan McAteer IRL PH: Scissors down to his opening circle elements, hips pretty closed throughout his routine, not the hardest set but I think they’ll definitely try to push for a spot ‘team at the worlds here so they need every score they can get some muscle in the handstand for the takedown. 11,733

4:23. I think Ireland are the only team left to compete at the moment, in pommel. So it will probably be slow while waiting for scores between routines.

4h20. Ricards Plate LAT FX: The double front is good. Front double full as strong, small pitch. Layout on the side. Front full to barani. Double full. 2.5 with a skid and a step in his final run. 12,700

Daniel Fox IRL PH: 12,800

4:16. Valgard Reinhardsson ISL FX: Piked double front with a forward jump, OOB toes. Full front to double front, the knee shape could be tighter in the twist. Double full on the side. 2.5 in the front, goes a bit low and long there but no problem landing it. Triple full with a small hop. 13.433

Pavel Gulidov ISR PB: 13.166

4:15 a.m. Jonas Thorisson ISL FX: 12,633

4:13. David Huddleston BUL SR: Maltese to iron cross, pike tucked saltos to iron cross, double double dismount with a small step. 13.133

Atli Valgeirsson ISL FX: 12,333

Pommeaux hasn’t even started yet, which is fun!

4:12 p.m. Artem Dolgopyat ISR PB: Good routine for him! Felt really tight and solid all over. The double half was strong. 13.833

4:09. Yordan Aleksandrov BUL SR: V-grip, double somersaults up to the split grip, first clean handstand but he is a little arched and shaky on the next one. Full-in-half-out double tuck with one step. 13.166

Ron Piatov ISR PB: 10.966

4:05. Matej Nemcovic SVK VT: Kaz with a back jump. 12.966

Uri Zeidel ISR PB: 12,733

Dimitar Dimitrov BUL SR: 12.233

4:01. Martin Gudmundsson ISL FX: Double front with a strong landing, small jump back. Full to double full front layout also not bad, small step there too. 1.5 to barani is clean. Rear layout on the side. Finishes with a solid 2.5. It was very good ! 13.233

Teodor Trifonov BUL SR: 11,500

Sebastian Gawronski POL VT: Ugh, that looked like a dud for him. I saw him in the replay, tsuk double pike, who looked great in the air but landed really low and he had to take a big step back and put his hands down. 13.266

Did a double front spring for his second jump, landing deep there again.

Aron Jacobsen DEN HB: 11,166

3:59. The touch is just beginning.

3h55. Do we ALWAYS make Euros?! If you say so!

Iceland, Latvia, Ireland, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia, Israel and Denmark in this first subdivision taking place criminally early this morning.

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