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We were thrilled to have spent the first half of 2022 with the incredible businesses on the second floor of the Public Market House on Monument Square in Portland. To wrap up our monthly meal series, we featured our elite local Yelp team here in Maine at Dila’s Kitchen which serves authentic Turkish cuisine.

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This is my first time trying kofta kebabs thanks to Dila’s Kitchen and this Yelp event and I think I’ve found my new favorite dish! I arrived at Dila’s Kitchen and was greeted by Dila, the owner, who immediately made me feel so welcome. Although I was willing to buy chicken skewers, she said the kofta skewers were a favorite of her customers, so I had to go there instead. He did not disappoint! Accompanied by a salad of fresh herbs, it made a delicious lunch. Oh, and the Turkish coffee was just phenomenal.

Amaury J, Yelp Elite

Beth C’s photo via Yelp

Absolutely delicious and such a great experience! Dila is so nice and we got to chat about my recent trips to Turkey. When she heard that I had recently been to Turkey and my favorite dish was Adana kebap, she made me a special. So it was his normal beef, but with different/additional spices added. It was so good and very similar to my favorite in Turkey!

Sarah W, Yelp Elite

Read it rave reviews of the event to relive the experience!

About Dila’s Kitchen

“I am a woman, I am a mother and I am an artist. I love to create, since I was little I remember inventing recipes and forcing my family to try them. I love to feed my friends when they come… I am delighted to share my passion for life, food and my culture. Growing up I never felt like there was an appropriate representation of me or my Turkish culture, now I am the representation I didn’t have of my culture. I am thrilled to be here to fulfill my dream and hope to inspire more young women to do the same. »⁠

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