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Texas, United States – Mothers who have been cleared by their doctor to start working out after having a baby often don’t know what to do or what workout routines are effective but gentle on their bodies. Most of the time, moms want to feel better by getting their bodies moving without slowing down the healing process after childbirth. With that in mind, Eat.Lift.Mom, a parenting, motherhood and fitness blog, educates and empowers parents to stay healthy during and after pregnancy with a simple to follow free home postpartum workout plan.

Postpartum Home Workout Plan discusses how long it can take a mother to start exercising after giving birth. According to Christi Timmers, the author, the answer may vary. She states that the common answer is 6 weeks postpartum. However, women who have had a healthy pregnancy and a smooth vaginal birth can start exercising after giving birth.

The postpartum workout guide on Eat.Lift.Mom has a 4-day plan with basic stretches and exercises to help moms with their postures. Core exercises help speed healing in the abdominal area after stretching throughout pregnancy. The guide was created for all mums, especially those with diastasis recti. While focusing on exercises can be tedious, Christi says they’re crucial for moms trying to get back to their typical workouts, whether it’s running, CrossFit, yoga, HIIT or weight training.

Eat.Lift.Mom also offers stretching and breathing exercises that last between 30 seconds and 2 minutes with different repetitions depending on the intensity. Exercises include Supine Breathing, Rolling Bridge, Side Lying TA Brace, Kneeling Lat Stretch, Doorframe Chest Stretch, Pigeon Pose, Cat-Cow, Open -pound and stretch runners. With pelvic tilts, downward dog, butterfly stretch, dead bug, wall planks, hip hikes, and single-leg bridge extensions, moms can experience long-term muscle relief.

the Eat.Lift.Mom Facebook The page offers moms all the support they need, including overcoming morning sickness, workouts during pregnancy, post-pregnancy care, hygiene tips, hormone navigation during pregnancy, diet/nutrition, diet tips, sleep routines, flexibility routines, home workouts and much more. The platform offers advice on skincare products, fun facts about pregnancy, choosing prenatal vitamins, and healthy weight to gain during pregnancy.

The blog was started by Christi Timmers, an author with a passion for motherhood, health, fitness, food and holistic living, to support mums on their pregnancy/postpartum journeys, to make them a better version of themselves. To be insightful maternity advice and more information on the postpartum workout plan, visit the Eat.Lift.Mom blog.

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