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I want to thank my parents and Mrs. Block for not treating me differently when I wrote an article in 5th grade proclaiming that I was a Republican. I thought that because I heard it a lot of times when I went camping with my best friend in her cabin. It rained all the time, so we begged her father to give us history lessons. He was a Republican and I remember he always said, “Money talks and bullshit!” He even made us rehearse. His stories were interesting and always made the government the antagonist of his interpretations of the past.

My mother and Mrs. Block must have been so disappointed to read this. They must have known I had been influenced and luckily they had faith that I would eventually come back.

However, when I wrote an article stating that I wanted to be a racist when I grew up, there was an intervention. I remember being called during recess. Man, I thought I was finally arrested for all my transgressions when I walked in and saw my mom was in school! When they brought out my proudest writing assignment, I was baffled. Once I explained that I really wanted to be a fast runner like US Olympic medalist Flo Jo, they started laughing like relieved splashes. I understood that I wanted to be a runner who wins races, not a fanatic.

I am grateful that the adults around me know when to let me splash and grow. I also appreciate that they took it seriously when they thought I was heading down a dangerous and stupid road. There is a clear distinction between the Nutso route and the healthy route and adults must be able to read a friggin map.

My early experiences with a Republican taught me a lot about their constant fear of change and diversity. They build a prison around themselves and are afraid to grow. Nor do they make ideal Americans. It is too contradictory to say that you are a “patriot”, but always talk about your government and blame it for everything.

You are your country and your government. Your Jehovah’s Witness neighbor is you. You are your Hmong neighbor. We are united. Not sure the Republicans will ever come back to America.

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