CT’s best brewery is alcohol-free, according to national food blog Tasting Table


While Connecticut has over 120 different breweries, one brewery stands out above the rest, at least according to the food and drink blog Tasting table.

Athletic Brewery, a Stratford brewery specializing in non-alcoholic beer, has been named the state’s best brewery in a new list released by the site. The Connecticut brewery was the only one named on the list that specializes in non-alcoholic beer.

“[Athletic Brewing] is changing the way people think about non-alcoholic beer,” the site says, noting the sour soul and Free Way Hazy IPA as features of Athletic.

Tasting Table chose the best brewery in each state based on three criteria: sustainability, innovation and B Corp Statuswhich is a label granted to companies for their “social and environmental performance”.

Athletic Brewing Company has won a number of awards during its tenure at Stratford, including being named International Beer Challenge Gold Winnerrecognized as one of the “world’s most innovative companies” by Fast Company magazine and named a Great American Oktoberfest winner.

Additionally, the company has caught the eye of a number of iconic athletes who have invested in the business, including Arizona Cardinals star JJ Watt, cyclist Lance Armstrong and Super Bowl champion Justin Tuck.

“It’s been incredibly rewarding and uplifting to see how it’s been received because you never know when you’re starting, and there’s definitely some skepticism at the start,” co-founder John Walker told Hearst Connecticut in a article from 2019. “It took a long time to get to a comfortable spot but we hit our stride and then we were able to do [the] things that people want to do, which is to explore and play with different flavors.

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