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The Pelham, New Hampshire-based church is launching a new online journal from which it will communicate spiritual ideas and community announcements.

PELHAM, NH /ACCESSWIRE/October 13, 2022/ It is with great pleasure that Crossroads Church, a Baptist church based in Pelham, New Hampshire, announces that it has launched a new blog, as well as publishing its two inaugural entries. This online journal will primarily focus on matters relating to spirituality, as well as any events that may be relevant to his congregation and the surrounding community.

In the latest blog entry, titled Crossroads Church gives you the best Christian social media accounts to follow in 2022, Crossroads Church provides a comprehensive overview of the six social media accounts it considers to have the most relevant content for followers of Jesus Christ. “There are now dozens of Christian social media accounts on platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook that you can follow to stay up to date with the latest Christian community news and happenings,” he writes, before going into much more depth. details of the half-dozen accounts he recommends the most.

In the previous blog entry, titled Crossroads Church discusses key characteristics of highly evangelical Christians, Crossroads Church encapsulates the common traits of those who consider themselves evangelical. In a section dealing with the passion inherent in every evangelical, it is written: “Highly evangelical Christians are not lukewarm in their beliefs. They are passionate about sharing the gospel and growing in their faith. This passion is evident in all aspects of their lives, from how they love to engaging with others. For example, when they worship, they do so with infectious intensity and joy. They also put a lot of effort into evangelism, whether through one-on-one conversations or group meetings. In this same section, Crossroads Church goes on to state that evangelical Christians “constantly strive to deepen their understanding of the Bible and grow in their relationship with God. Highly evangelical Christians are not content to just sit back and let their faith stagnate. Instead, they actively pursue a life deeply rooted in their faith.”

Anyone interested in reading the full text of these blog entries will find them here, while anyone curious to learn more about Crossroads Church is encouraged to visit its official website.

About Crossroads Church:

Founded in 2001 with a mission to create a church that will influence generations old and new in the name of Jesus Christ and his teachings, Crossroads Church is headquartered in Pelham, New Hampshire, but also maintains a location in Orange, Massachusetts. Over the past two decades, Crossroads Church’s methods have evolved, but its vision has always been the same; lead his congregation and members of the wider community to become fully committed disciples of Jesus Christ. Services at Crossroads Church are passionate, engaging, sometimes funny and sometimes moving, but always full of scripture and valuable life lessons.

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