Coke Studio vs Cook Studio: Food blog renamed after music show’s legal notice


The Delhi High Court recently witnessed a trademark dispute between popular music show Coke Studio and an online food blog ‘Cook Studio’. Nikhil Chawla, the blogger who runs Cook Studio, had approached the Delhi High Court after receiving a legal notice from the Coca Cola Company, owners of the Coke Studio brand. The company had asked Chawla to refrain from using the Cook Studio trademark alleging infringement.

The Delhi High Court had ordered the parties to settle the dispute amicably between them through mediation. Lead lawyer Rajeev Virmani was appointed as mediator and the parties were allowed to return to court in case the issue could not be resolved amicably.

After the High Court order and following the parties’ agreement, Chawla agreed to change the name of his blog from Cook Studio to Cook Pro 6.

Judge Prathiba M Singh in the order notes, “Cook Studio and Coke Studio are the competing marks in this lawsuit. Both marks are widely used on internet platforms.”

After reviewing the terms of the settlement between Nikhil Chawla and Pranav Taneja, the Coca Cola Company’s trademark attorney, Judge Singh noted in the order: “The court, having read the terms of the settlement , concluded that the same was legal. There was no impediment to the registration of the settlement. Accordingly, the parties and all other persons acting for and on their behalf shall be bound by the terms of the settlement.”

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