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(Image credit: Kohler)

Many of us love the idea of ​​taking a relaxing bath, but it’s all too easy to get distracted while the tub is filling up. Enter Kohler’s PerfectFill, which is announced at CES 2022.

PerfectFill is a smart drain, digital / app controller and bath filler. It’s designed to draw a bath at your preferred temperature and depth, and you can do that through a voice command or the Kohler Konnect app. This way you don’t have to watch the batch while it is filling up.

Kohler says PerfectFill will be available in May 2022 and the price starts at $ 2,700.

PanelSemi Flexible AM ​​Mini LED Display

(Image credit: PanelSemi)

CES 2002 isn’t just about the products you’ll be able to purchase soon. These are innovations that will pave the way for the gadgets of tomorrow. PanelSemi, a Taiwan-based panel semiconductor supplier, unveils what it calls “the world’s first flexible active matrix LED mini display.”

Primary is a 55 inch screen that weighs just 1 kilogram and is ultra thin at just 1mm thick. And it is flexible with a 360 degree viewing angle. The company says it uses 9-inch slabs that make it easy to assemble, and you get four hours of use from a 10K-mAh power bank.

PanelSemi says the screen can transform into concave, convex, S-curve, cylindrical, and rollable shape. Use cases so far include commercial advertising, robotics and subways, as well as boardroom applications.

Cold thermometer

(Image credit: Baracoda)

A lot of us are using thermometers these days as the world tries to tackle the omicron variant, and Baracoda came up with something different at CES 2022. The BCool is a thermometer that never needs batteries. , because it charges in just a few shakes via patented sensor technology. After that, you just need to press and hold the button or slowly slide it across the forehead.

The temperature readings can then be sent to the BCool app and you can add notes for household members. The BCool is made from recycled plastic and is waterproof for easy cleaning. We don’t know a price yet, but the company is targeting a release date of Q4 2022.

Jabra Elite 4 Active in black in its charging case, surrounded by fitness equipment

(Image credit: Jabra)

A new pair of Jabra headphones is usually cause for celebration, and the Elite 4 Active announced at CES 2022 looks like another great addition to the company’s enviable lineup.

It certainly feels like an upgrade in some ways from the excellent Elite Active 75t, our current pick as the best wireless headphones, although it costs a bit less, not least because it has the deletion. active noise, rather than the passive software-based version.

IP57 water resistance is another bonus, but the real star might be the price – just £ 119 in the UK, which is £ 60 less than the suggested retail price of the Elite Active 75t. No release date or pricing has yet been announced for the US, but expect it to cost around $ 120-130 if and when it hits those shores.

BBalance Smart bath mat

(Image credit: BBalance)

Until now, I didn’t know I needed a smart bath mat. But it turns out so – and it’s done by BBalance.

The BBalance Smart Bath Mat is a scale, balance and stability reader, and posture assessor all in one, all topped with a soft, removable, washable, and foot-friendly cotton finish.

Obviously, it also syncs with an app (for iOS or Android), so you can track your weight, posture, and more, and it even has fingerprint recognition – because of course, it’s is the case. It’s not yet clear if this will dress you down as well afterwards, but it may only be a matter of time.

The BBalance smart bath mat is available for pre-order now, with deliveries expected in the spring. But you’ll need deep pockets – it’ll cost $ 449 as standard, though an ongoing sale brings it down to $ 349.

Eco remote control for Samsung 2022 TV

(Image credit: Samsung)

One of the coolest products revealed in Samsung’s 2022 TV lineup wasn’t a TV at all, but rather its new Eco remote.

It can be recharged via radio waves from your router – yes, really – or, as with last year’s model, via the light from your living room fixtures. In addition, it has a USB-C port as a backup. It will also come in a white version this year, to better match some of the Lifestyle TV offerings, and will ship with all 2022 Samsung TVs.

InWith smart contact lens

(Image credit: InWith)

CES is still equal parts mainstream tech that you can buy soon, and futuristic tech that looks amazing but won’t necessarily hit the market for some time.

InWith’s smart contact lens falls firmly on the latter camp – although I really hope it ends up in my eyes before long. Billed as “potentially the most advanced platform for viewing the next metaverse,” it will apparently offer “adjustable vision” via a mobile device and “augmented vision” – which sounds appropriately Cyberpunk-esque to turn me on.

InWith says he plans to get breakthrough clearance from the FDA this year and bring the lenses to market shortly thereafter, so I will look with interest (through my unfortunately unintelligent contact lenses).

Alienware Concept Nyx Split Screen Game with Controller

(Image credit: Avenir)

We were fortunate enough to get a glimpse of several new products ahead of their reveal at CES 2022, and the Alienware Concept Nyx was one of our favorites.

This is best viewed as a cloud gaming service like Xbox Game Pass, Google Stadia, or Nvidia GeForce Now – but a service that streams locally through a central server in your home.

We were impressed with this in our Alienware Concept Nyx demo, the Concept Nyx’s ability to simultaneously stream two different games on one TV was a highlight. We will be interested to see how this evolves over time.

Samsung MicroLED 89 inch

(Image credit: Samsung)

If we were to pick just one flagship from Samsung’s 2022 lineup, it would have to be the first MicroLED TV that can fit into your home.

Granted, at 89 inches the new Samsung MicroLED TV isn’t much small, but it’ll be a lot easier to find room than last year’s 99 and 110-inch models, not to mention the first 146-inch version of The Wall TV. from 2019.

Size aside, the MicroLED TV promises to be a nice addition to Samsung’s 2022 lineup. It has a million micro-sized LEDs, offering a 10% wider color offering, and is also expected to have improved audio performance thanks to support for Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound Pro.

Samsung 2022 MicroLED TV

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung has already been busy showing off its entire 2022 TV lineup.

There are far too many highlights to list here, but the 2022 lineup covers everything from new 8K and 4K Neo QLED sets to a new McroLED TV, updated versions of The Frame lifestyle TV, and updates to the platform. Samsung Smart TV form. Even Samsung’s Eco remote is getting a refresh.

Get all the details in our Samsung 2022 TV line guide.

Hello and welcome to Tom’s Guide’s CES 2022 Live Blog!

The show begins in earnest today, with the premiere of two media days and with many products to be revealed later.

The two big events on the horizon are CES 2022 Tech Trends to Watch (4 p.m. – 4:45 p.m. PST) and CES Unveiled (5 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. PST). The latter, in particular, tends to showcase exciting products from various startups as well as some established brands.

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