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Some conservatives weren’t thrilled with the Reagan era, but not in the exaggerated way we see today.

The bottom line: Republicans don’t seem to have a satisfactory path to carrying out their typical filibuster for a Democratic president’s SCOTUS nominee. So they’re throwing their outrage into a weary bucket: Whoever President Biden picks as his pick to replace retired Justice Stephen Breyer will be a radical left-wing activist! The only discernible reason for this assumption is bizarre and racist: Biden today reaffirmed his campaign vow to appoint the first black woman to the Supreme Court during his presidency, should the opportunity arise. He has.

And in a 50-50 Senate, Republicans are aware there’s not much they can do about Merrick Garland to not give Biden a Supreme Court nomination — Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) the admitted just hours after Breyer’s retirement announcement snapped yesterday. And so, instead, they’re getting a head start on party messaging in 2022, swearing that Democrats will pay halfway through…for doing exactly what Trump did three times during his presidency (that’s i.e. part of his work).

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