Calhoun Girls Use ‘Controlled Chaos’ To Climb The Ranks

The grueling style of play requires the girls to be extremely fit, but Calhoun has put in the work to make it happen.

“Conditioning is huge for us,” Echols said. “Our practices are brutal. We go in and it’s non-stop right from the start. We’re going to play music and we try to make it as fun as possible, but it’s brutal what we’re asking them to do. But when we enter the third and fourth quarters, the other teams pull on their shorts and our kids are ready to go. I think when they saw all this running and everything we do relates to us winning basketball games, it was definitely a lot easier for them to sign up then.

Calhoun’s best player is junior Britiya Curtis, who is averaging 17 points and had 25 against Cass. Curtis is a playmaker who tries to involve others, but is able to score in clusters.

The Yellow Jackets have a pair of freshmen starting – Katherine Atha, a defensive specialist who has already fired 25 charges and plays with incredible energy, and Dorsey, Sa’Niah is averaging 12 points and has continued to improve.

Other starters are junior Lauren Watson, the team’s 3-point specialist, and post Dora Moore. Another freshman, Allie Duke, is also playing the position and earned more time.

“The attitude and energy of this group is just fun,” Echols said. “And they’re fun and they train hard. Like I said, the workouts can be brutal, but they have a smile on their face and get into it. I think it rubbed off on me and our other coaches. It’s just a fun season.

In addition to Cass, the Yellow Jackets have tough regional enemies in Hiram and Blessed Trinity. They still have two games left against BT and have to play Hiram; Calhoun beat Hiram 47-46 in the first meeting on January 11.

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