Bournemouth 3-0 Everton: Final | More misery


Everton players went to talk to the supporters and there are some ugly scenes here as some fans seem to insult the manager and some players. Lively scenes here and stewards get involved. It’s a booming club right now.

90+3′ – Fortunately, it’s finally over. Everton lose again, 3-0 this time. Now six weeks to sit and simmer on this miserable performance streak.

86′ – If you’re still around and care, Everton have a few corners they don’t do anything with.

77′ – “Can We Play You Every Week” is the song that comes back from the local supporters, and why not. They scored seven against us in a few days.

76′ – Luck! Gordon crosses into the box, and Cannon puts his head on it and unfortunately it’s just up to the goalkeeper, what a start that would have been.

75 ‘ – It finally changes, and it’s a trio that arrives – Tom Cannon, Anthony Gordon and Abdoulaye Doucoure, with Maupay, McNeil and Onana leaving.

72′ – Another good break and Bournemouth have the ball in the net again, but Solanke is narrowly offside.

69 ‘ – Gana abandons a free kick at the entrance to the area. A cheat with a fake, and the inbounding cross comes on, and substitute Anthony is completely unmarked to head home from four yards despite Pickford’s best attempt to parry it, 3-0 at home and the game is surely ended.

65′ – Gray weaves and spins when he really should have crossed, and when he finally passes the ball he is badly hit. He didn’t play well today.

62 Everton right free kick. Tarky runs it through the air, clear and Patterson steals it with his left from the edge of the box but it’s over.

60′ – Gray shows the outside on the right and he gets a corner. McNeil will take, deep, and Tarky rounds the back post and his header lands on the roof of the net. Better.

55′ – Bournemouth look the side two goals behind, while Everton remain as clueless as ever when they reach the final third.

51′ – Everton ripped here. Solanke defeats Gana and Tarky, and suddenly it’s two Cherries against Coady alone. Tavernier can shoot, and again Pickford saves but directly at a Bournemouth player, but they waste the opportunity. They look more likely to score than the Blues here.

50′ – The two-goal leads Bournemouth have blown in successive games have been at Tottenham and Leeds who both have significantly more attacking firepower than the Blues.
The Cherries are no slouch and have had chances from Billings and Solanke since we resumed play.

45 ‘ – Kick-off of the second half, and Everton attacks immediately. Nice run from Onana, his cross is behind Maupay but he lands on Gana who throws him over the bar. Good start.

45+8′ – It’s finally the half-time whistle. Lampard will certainly have plenty to say to his lame Blues on the break.

45+7′ – Coleman gets a corner, last chance to get something back. Poor Gray as the first man clears, it comes back to him but he’s offside.

45+4′ – Everton stop an attack and can break through, but referee Craig Pawson whistles for a head injury and the Toffees players lose their heads at the referee. It was a chest impact on Tavernier and he was quick to stop play, but when Tarkowski got smacked in the head, the play continued. Poor refs this.

45+2′ – Maupay descends into the area, VAR confirms no penalty. However, Cook slips two-footed and slams into Onana and the Blues are outraged. The Cherries player seems to have reached the ball a hair before Onana, and it won’t even be a booking.

45′ – Six minutes to add, after all these injuries and stoppages.

44′ – Onana gets a free kick from the left side. In the box by McNeil, cleared and Patterson gets a good shot on goal, blocked. Bournemouth can break and Patterson cuts it but is fouled and Senesi is booked.
Another free kick, Gray this time from the center channel, overshot and wasted. Sums up half of Everton.

40′ – It became much of the same game as Tuesday with the hosts in the lead and happy to sit down and unravel.
A shot on target for the Blues is ironically cheered by all, but it’s easy for the keeper to take.

33′ – Center in the area led by Onana but too far for Maupay.

28′ – Looks like Mykolenko is injured too, crashing into Moore as he scored from close range. Lampard is furious with the referee for not stopping play, but he won’t change his mind. Coleman replaces him and will be left back.

25′ – Corner taken aback, and somehow scrambled home by Bournemouth! 2-0 at home. Everton are outraged as there was a collision of heads which saw Tarkowski writhing on the ground as the salary continued and the referee and VAR consulted and Moore’s goal stood. Very weak from Everton.

24′ – Very lax between Patterson and McNeil by the corner flag and Zemura steps in to steal the ball and Pickford has to come out to save, corner. The fans want a penalty but the VAR check says nothing to do.

21′ – McNeil cutting in from the right and is fouled around 25 yards out, a free-kick to the Blues. Gray gauges him, McNeil at his side… Gray sends him into the area for an indirect kick, on Onana but the Blues get a corner. Gray to take, Everton’s 67th of the season so far, is yet to score and this streak won’t end on this one either. Apparently the Blues have yet to score a header this season, wow.

18′ – McNeil and Gray changed sides to try to get a little more width for the latter.
Solanke’s shot is only parried by Pickford directly in the way of the hurrying Tavernier who gratefully taps home. Very poor from England #1, Bournemouth leads 1-0.

13′ – Has Gray already touched the ball? Hard to say.
Bournemouth almost have a dangerous chance in their first concerted attack as Patterson is caught upfield. Tarkowski’s counter on Tavernier’s shot is the first corner of the game.
The corner is deep and a header towards goal is blocked by Patterson and McNeil can break. He is stopped and now the ball is going the other way and Everton can possibly stop the attack. End-to-end stuff now.

9′ – Tavernier has the first shot on target, but it’s a weak shot that rolls towards Pickford.
Maupay’s touch almost falls for Iwobi behind the baseline, but it’s over.

7′ – Patterson bursts through the six-yard box and is just inches past a rushing Maupay.

5 ‘ – The ball arrives at Maupay in the area, it pivots and turns away from the penalty spot and ignites it in one way or another! What a wasted chance.

3′ – The Cherries are happy to sit back and play long ball today, Everton will have to put in the work to break the home side’s 4-4-2.

1′ – In progress at Vitality Stadium. Everton have never beaten Cherries here in the league, will that change now?

A minute of silence first to mark Remembrance Sunday before the action begins.

Frank Lampard has decided to stay with Nathan Patterson and Dwight McNeil in training. Young Stanley Mills and Tom Cannon are on the bench.



Everton return to the south coast in a bid to exact revenge on hosts AFC Bournemouth after they were unceremoniously knocked out of the Carabao Cup on Tuesday night by their hosts.

The two sides will be very different in the cup, with Frank Lampard having made eleven changes to his squad while caretaker Cherries manager Gary O’Neil had made nine. The Toffees have just one win in their last five while Bournemouth have lost four on the trot, and the two sides sit 16th and 17th respectively, facing the specter of entering the six-week winter break , possibly in the relegation zone.

Competition: Premier League Matchday 15

Start date and time: Saturday, November 12 at 7:00 a.m. PT / 10:00 a.m. ET / 3:00 p.m. BST

Stadium: Vitality Stadium, Bournemouth, EnglandUK

Ability: 11,379

Time: 16°C/61°F, sunny, 11% chance of precipitation, winds 9 mph

TV: PeacockUnited States; N / A UK; Fubo -CanadabeIN Sports English 3

Radio: Everton TV

Direct: FuboESPN Play On, beIN SPORTS CONNECT, DStv Now, RUSH, Hotstar VIP, JioTV

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The Blues last visited Vitality for the Carabao Cup third round on Tuesday with Everton collapsing 4-1 after missing a handful of chances earlier in the game.

Prior to that, Bournemouth’s last away trip came in the 2019-20 season, losing to their hosts 3-1 while Marco Silva was still in charge, with Dominic Calvert-Lewin securing the only goal. Interestingly, the two teams met in 1985-86 in what was then known as the Football League Milk Cup in the two-legged second round, with the Toffees winning 3-2 at home and then 2-0 at the Cherries.

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