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The art of a blanket

After all, the best in the art comes from a community of contributors, as evidenced by TheBurg’s latest cover for the November issue. A classic fall atmosphere is achieved with all the colors of the season.

TheBurg November cover, photo by Haley Harned

Adorning the front page, the photo has a “wow” factor, directed and photographed by Haley Harned. Behind the scenes, no less than nine local artists and businesses added props to the mix, elevating it to a still life masterpiece. Candles light up the table at Millworks Moonrise Candle Co, while its artistic director, Tara Chickey, provided the porcelain and napkins. The silverware at the Lemoyne antiques market sparkles and shines. Flowers courtesy of Paper Moon Flowers find a home, as well as a handcrafted mug by potter Vivian Sterste from Vivi on Verbeke. Pumpkins from Radish & Rye Food Hub, coffee from Good Brotha’s Book Cafe, apple pie from Raising the Bar and fall spices from Callicut’s Spice Co. complete the setting.

Haley Harned is an editorial and commercial photographer, as well as a “staging stylist” for many local magazines. A 2008 graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA, Hailey uses film and digital media to capture her subjects with aplomb. The still life frame featured in the current issue of TheBurg speaks of a level of artistry achieved through an eye-rotating mission driven towards an articulate realization of beauty.

The season of thanks

A new fresco in Harrisburg

In times of appreciation and thanksgiving, it is a gift to be able to write about the beauty around us, especially the seasonal changes and natural landscape that we often take for granted. For those who live in the city of Harrisburg, there are other special thanks.

For the past five months starting at the end of May and continuing through the fall, Spocket Mural Works has graced the community with a myriad of wall painting wonders now totaling over 50. New additions combine with the mixture of the previous mural festivals, creating an astonishing appeal. As before, thanks are many and far reaching to all who made this third festival so special and meaningful. A thank you to everyone, from the brigade of more than 300 volunteers to the artistic vision of the muralists, including the generosity of corporate sponsors and the dynamic duo that founded Sprocket, Megan Caruso and Jeff Copus. The murals are living proof of their commitment to the cause by providing public art that makes a difference, opens speech and adds beauty beyond measure.

Gallery @ 2e Notes and News

It could be the title of a Quentin Tarantino movie, “The Grateful Eight ”because there are eight artists in all. The number included gallery owner Ted Walke, who generously donated studio space to a select group of like-minded local artists to showcase their work rent-free, as well as free of charge when art is sold. The original trio of artists came on board when Gallery @ 2nd reopened in July. They included Chad Whitaker, Keegan Beinhower, and Sean Arce. Following the initial response to the gallery’s new layout, other art followers were offered space, including Johanna Martin, Rance Shepstone, Angelica Rios, and Ashley Russo, all sharing a fervent zeal for Zen art. Ted’s lowbrow. It’s easy to see why gratitude is so integral from an artists perspective, and yet it goes both ways. The owner was grateful to be able to do all of this after being closed for almost three years. Gallery @ 2nd would like its customers to know that the 3rd of the Burg event, Friday November 19, will be the closing night of the year, with the gallery reopening in April.

HBB on the road Saturday

The Art of the Huckle Buckle Boys

A Saturday road trip to Easton on I-78E will be worth it on November 20 to attend the Huckle Buckle Boys’ Wondering Ox exhibition opening and reception at Hemlock Art Place for a kick-start. dispatch at 6 p.m. Garrick Dorsett and Zack Rudy of HBB fame will “unify their flow experience” in their branding style. Located at 9 N. Second St. in downtown Easton, the adventure of just under 100 miles promises to be a night to remember. Hemlock is an alternative art gallery that promotes special events and workshops, while also housing cutting-edge art and gifts. Newly opened in July, the gallery fosters creativity locally and statewide. So it’s no wonder that HBB got the invitation, as Hemlock is delighted to unveil his latest offerings in “Wondering Ox”. Make sure to look for Socrates, but don’t share his drink.

3rd in the Burg Preview

Rug hook by Susanne Robinson

With 28 sites participating this Friday 3 at the Burg, the event now exceeds the level of pre-pandemic involvement, which is a positive sign to end 2021 on a good note. From restaurants and clubs to museums and galleries, all bases are covered to support local arts and businesses. In this season of giving, it is important, wherever possible, to keep local businesses front and center and to shop locally where possible.

The latest art venue, Arts on the Square, opened its upstairs gallery located in the Market Square Presbyterian Church at 20 S. 2nd St. on November 7th. Upon the initial reception, this addition to the local scene found a stellar crowd supporting the quintet of artists presenting their works.

Acrylic art by Kara Young

One of the highlights was fiber artist Susanne Robinson who demonstrated the lost craft of rug hooking, which has its origins in 19th century England. With ethereal Scottish woolens, Susanne weaves a charm of color and texture through her exquisite tapestries. In addition, a trio of painters adorned the walls of the loft gallery spanning acrylic works from A to Z. Award-winning and loyal local artist Lori Sweet is “inspired by nature, mythologies, as well as universal images of the divine. feminine . “Gettysburg’s Kara Young thinks“ art is medicine. ”Her creation guide focuses on“ justice, peace, and faith in a world that she believes is in desperate need of these qualities. ”Gail Walden Locally renowned artist Coleman celebrates “the human spirit and also our sense of humor.” Mother Nature informs her work, and Gail does her best to capture it in her paintings. Last but not least is photographer Kevin Long, congregation member and owner of Long Shots Photography He finds mindfulness by slowing down to fully appreciate the world. Photography “helps me better recognize the majesty, complexity and diversity of creation.”

Additionally, Pine Street Presbyterian, located at 310 N. 3rd St., and St. Stephen’s Riverfront Gallery, located at 221 N. Front St., feature artwork throughout the church and gallery spaces. . Be sure to see “De-Colonizing Christ,” now in its final month through December 19 at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Cathedral.

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