Blog: Why the Meta-Concept Failed to Catch Facebook Users Much (2/27/22)


Ever since Facebook changed its name to Meta, Mark Zuckerberg has been in deep waters of legal litigation and massive revenue losses. This clearly illustrates a central problem among Facebook users losing interest in the platform. There are various reasons why Meta is not very attractive to Facebook users. Here are the most common and problematic among former users who left this platform.

Facebook has reached ex-growth

For nearly 18 years, Facebook has continued to grow and evolve for the better. Some of the best social media developments have been pioneered by this platform, contributing to a steady annual increase in the number of users. Unfortunately, Facebook has reached the ex-growth stage where nothing can save the appeal of this platform.

Even the new Meta rebranding won’t stop users from reviewing Facebook Alternatives 2022 has to offer. New platforms like Retalk that are still in development might have better prospects than Facebook. Although this social media platform once caused a stir on the internet, it has gradually lost users, reflecting deep consumer distrust and disinterest.

Apple’s latest update sent stock price crashing

Shareholders are also losing faith in Meta’s revenue-generating ability and selling their holdings. The culprit, in this case, is the latest update released by Apple that allows users to easily disable app tracking.

Most Apple users have disabled this feature, with the by-product being that Facebook cannot personalize ads for those who have opted out of being digitally tracked. While this feature has always been around, it wasn’t as common until Apple software engineers developed a pop-up prompt asking users if they allow apps to track their activity. This development has led shareholders and users to lose interest in Meta’s social media platform, Facebook.

Meta’s expansion outlook looks bleak

When the Facebook company was renamed Meta, it had development prospects mainly oriented towards the Metaverse. Although the Metaverse could be a game-changer for the social media sphere and even e-commerce, Meta doesn’t seem like a good choice. The Metaverse involves NFT trading and other features that work on blockchain technology.

The design of the blockchain is decentralized, and on the other hand, Meta’s outlook seems a bit centralized. As a result, Facebook users are losing interest in this business and jumping ship. Some users think Meta is turning into a brand they didn’t buy at first and then lose interest.

Enhanced Meta Monitoring

Facebook’s rebranding to Meta also kicked off a Pandora’s box with Congress and exposed more suppressed legal issues regarding Facebook. For example, there is a particular diary called the “Facebook Files” revealing certain criminal activities catalyzed by this platform.

These cases had been going on for a long time, but they were suppressed and only came under greater scrutiny once the rebranding was announced. Some of the criminal activities reported on this platform include human trafficking and even drug dealing. Facebook lost its appeal to aware users of this platform as soon as this news started to surface and circulate.

TikTok is very competitive

TikTok is a long time enemy from Facebook since it revolutionized the concept of sharing visual media on a mobile application. Although Facebook allows users to post videos and images, the app was a bit tame. While TikTok has revolutionized gaming from the core by offering endless scrolling, short video posting and other cool features on its platform.

Facebook started to replicate this and attracted more users with this feature. However, the replica was not as good as the original and hence users are turning to TikTok. With the black cloud hanging over Facebook, TikTok has reached over a billion users.

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