Blog: The announced bad weather brings back memories (06/02/22)



Coming back to winter

When I was just a child

Winter for me was harsh

Almost never sweet

The snow has piled up around our old house

The wind beat the door

And inside around the wood stoves

Buckets of coal lined the floor

The walls were cold, the floors had cracks

And the blankets were too few

Not a winter passes without complaining

“I think I have the flu”

The windows were frosted

I used to scratch my name

Just to pass the time

It was a stupid game

We sat and waited

For the spring to begin

We were always happy

When the seed catalogs arrived

Sometimes I ventured

make snow angels

And I sled down the road

With my little sister in tow

Finally the crocuses raised their little heads

Groundhog checked its shadow

And I waited for Mother Nature

To paint our beautiful meadow

Now if I could go back to visit

Those winters I’ve known

I’ll take my hat and put on my coat

And run home too

This week we are expecting our first measurable snowfall of the season after rain and ice have covered the ground and surrounding area… Our son-in-law is coming to our house today to salt the driveway and sidewalks.

We all know that a fresh snowfall is a beautiful and pristine winter event. Children and adults love and enjoy many outdoor activities that a snowy playground can afford in a winter wonderland.

This type of weather reminds me of those hard knocks from my past. Everything else my poem covers like it was yesterday.

The springtime of my life was not all about hard work, sadness and dread during those freezing winter days. Snowmen, igloos, sledding and animal tracking were all on my bucket list. Snowball fights with anyone who wants to join in and ice cube knockdowns fit well around a mix of outdoor tasks.

We went to primary school in all weathers and knew little about the so-called snow days. I attended Alabama Street School for the first four years of my studies. Shanks ponies were my only means of transportation in all weather conditions, only missing school on sick days. I have to admit that I was a bit stunted due to a serious illness a few years before day one.

I was falling a lot on my way to and from school when the drifts were high on my street and other side streets. Hendrix Street was often icy and smooth as glass when the weather turned bad. Wrecks and spinning tires were common.

Elderly pedestrians were rare. Dog owners often let their pets run loose and packs of dogs frequented the road I followed to get from the woods behind our house.

Three bullies were lacing snowballs with pebbles and calling me and my friends names whose meanings I didn’t know at the time. I remember my father was not a good source of information….

I look back with a smile when I remember those harsh winter events.

Now the only path I’ll take if we’re snowed in is a path to the mailbox. I will eat, sleep and still be Mary when the storm finishes pouring out its wrath. I am mask ready to wake up and shine!

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